Tebow's Our Future Leader Get Used To It

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Postby SkinsJock » Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:54 am

It's amusing to me that some here continue with the thought that Tebow might be a part of this franchise - maybe in the future, somehow, but not this year

we have a lot of work to do and even if we got Bradford we would not be consistently competitive until 2012 at the earliest
I'm not sure that apart from Bradford we should take a QB this year - OL OL OL OL OL :D

we need to rebuild and we do not have the luxury of taking on anything like a Tebow project - that is just not happening

I very much agree with what fleetus and others here are saying, any player coming out of college with a great work ethic and who is determined to succeed will become a good player in the NFL - that is what separates these very talented athletes - some want it more than others and will not be denied - Tebow is one of those, he's just not coming here :roll:
The Redskins will never be a consistently successful franchise while Dan Snyder is so involved with 'managing'
we may have some success but there's no chance of any consistentency ... NONE!

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