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Postby The Hogster » Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:34 pm

Derrick Dockery was on the John Thompson show today and he said that he's already talked to Trent and the coaches about "playing next to Trent." Next to Dockery is Left Tackle.

You have to be creative to find out the truth sometimes. Can't listen to the coaches all the time, but sometimes the players slip up and say things that reveal the plan. But, assuming the cats out of the bag and Shanahan isn't lying, look at the press conference he did today introducing T. Williams. Shanahan stated

"We'll pencil him in at Left Tackle and see if he can compete there."

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Postby Cappster » Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:49 pm

crazyhorse1 wrote:
Cappster wrote:
CanesSkins26 wrote:
frankcal20 wrote:thanks Mr. Negative.

I'm happy with this pick because he's more athletic than Okung and has a higher upside. Okung is very good in his own right but there is a limit to what he can do.

Sorry, Okung has more upside. He is also MUCH stronger, as Williams only managed 23 reps at the combine. Okung also doesnt have work ethic concerns. Williams is a fine player, but Okung is the better player and would be ready to start Day 1, Trent Williams wont.

As evident by the way Shanny runs his ship, I don't think William's work ethic is going to be much of an issue. I have o believe that the man who churns out offensive linemen and running backs can make the most out of a top prospect in this year's draft.

If Shanny could have churned out linemen and running backs he wouldn't have been fired from his last job. Note: Allen was fired from his too.

Hola CH1,

Shanny had a lot of success with the running game while he was with Denver. The scheme can only do so much, but picking the right players, coaching them to play within the scheme, is an art. He can definitely maximize a players potential and he will do so with Williams. And how long did he coach Denver like 12 years or so? Yeah, it was time for a regime change there AND how many coaches really last that long in the league with one team? Come on CH1, analyze the whole situation bro, because the running game in Denver was always strong under Shanny.
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