Blame me for their loss!

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Blame me for their loss!

Postby BringBackGibbs » Mon Nov 03, 2003 1:42 pm

here is why I should be blamed for this loss:

1. On the opening kick I was thinking Dalls is going to return it for a TD. AND THEY DID! only to be nullified by the holding.
2. After the third turnover and the L.C. TD, I said this kick will probably get blocked and it did.
3. My brother in law who is a CowPuke fan was getting all down, I said don't worry you will win inspite of the turnovers, out team cannot play more than a good quarter in each game, sure enough we began to fall apart in second quarter.
4. In the third quarter with score 7-6 and us still in it. Cowboys driving in our territory, and they commit an illegal motion on second and 10. They pickup 2 yards, instead of sending them back 5 yards and redo the down, we decline and give them a 3rd and 8. I said this will be converted I have a bad feeling we should have taken the penalty. What happens? First down, then a TD on the same drive.

I am my worst Self Fullfilling Prophet. Even this morning I tried to catch a green light and getting up to it, I said I bet it will turn red and I would be the first car on the next green. Sure enough guy infront of me goes through the yellow/red and I was first in line for the next green.

Please take my TV away on Sundays, so I won't predict another loss!
Wishing for the old glory days to return!

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