Our poor coach! AOL is dogging him.

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Our poor coach! AOL is dogging him.

Postby NikiH » Mon Nov 03, 2003 5:15 pm

I just logged on to AOL and there is always 3 headlines that pop up. One of which is this "Back to College for Spurrier" Full with a picture of him looking majorly defeated. The article has the very obvious facts of the game. And some opinion that our coach has all but been defeated. There is also a poll. Here it is.

Can Steve Spurrier succeed in the NFL?
No -- he belongs at the college level 43%
Maybe -- but it will take awhile 39%
Yes -- he'll turn it around soon 18%

How long will he last with the Redskins?
Through this season 52%
At least one more season 30%
A few more games 18%

I hope we turn this around soon.
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