Spurriers days numbered

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Spurriers days numbered

Postby Guest » Tue Nov 04, 2003 4:55 pm

Thought you guys might want to see this, this is from ESPN. Said the Dan called Jimmy Johnson this week already to see how he made it from the College ranks to the Nfl. Interesting, I bet Spurrier loved that one, if it is true.

"Spurrier's days numbered
Yep, we said Spurrier, a coach we predicted last year would eventually be successful in the NFL. OK, we're convinced now that "eventually" will never come for The Ol' Ball Coach. Give him a 10-year contract at $5 million annually and it wouldn't matter. If it's true Snyder dialed up Jimmy Johnson this week, to ask him how he made the transition from college to the NFL, that doesn't bode well for Spurrier. The guy is toast. Ditto the Fun-'N'-Gun offense. Once again we got suckered in and maybe, as my lovely wife has suggested, I'll now quit insisting that gimmicky, lopsided offenses can win at the NFL level. I'm the same idiot, she reminded me the other day, who felt June Jones could make the run-and-shoot a viable entity in the pro game. This time around, I'm screaming "Uncle!" long before I get that emotionally invested in an off-beat offense again.

Spurrier's days are numbered. Lucky for him, so is his remaining salary, to the tune of $15 million over the final three seasons of his contract. Even if he lets Skins owner Dan Snyder off the hook, reaching a settlement for maybe half of what is due him, that's a heck of a lot of green's fees. Here's hoping that, on his way out the door, whether it's in the next few weeks or at the end of the year, Spurrier makes some kind of donation to the Patrick Ramsey mental rehabilitation fund. The second-year quarterback is going to need some couch time with a top shrink, about the only way that he is going to recover from the shell-shocked experience through which he is currently suffering.

The Washington coaches had two weeks to prepare for Sunday's matchup at Dallas, two weeks to put in a pass protection scheme with more consistency than oatmeal, and they failed miserably. It's amazing that Ramsey, who has failed to finish three of the last four games, could even walk off the field following Sunday's defeat at Texas Stadium. If it's possible for a quarterback to suffer from being punch-drunk, Ramsey qualifies, and one has to wonder how much longer he can take it. The Cowboys blitzed like crazy Sunday, getting all four sacks from linebackers and safeties, and the Redskins appeared to still be confused by all the permutations.

If that was "max" protection, as Spurrier insisted, it had minimum effectiveness. Ramsey has a fractured finger on his left hand. At this rate, now having been sacked 26 times, the talented but tortured kid soon will be in a body cast."

I can't figure out why we can't win. We have the players the coach and the owner, or is that the problem.

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Postby doeslammer » Tue Nov 04, 2003 4:59 pm

Sorry, I wasn't logged in when I wrote this. Still shell shocked from the loss, had to listen to my buddy, crackwagon fan, all week how they are going to win the division, the sad thing is, I couldn't say to much back to him.
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Postby Jake » Tue Nov 04, 2003 5:15 pm

You notice how it's only on NATIONAL media that speculates the firings? They don't site specific info that prooves that he will be gone and they don't site specific sources. The local media doesn't speculate that way because they have more input on team information. I hate when the media tries to blow something up when they don't know ALL THE FACTS.
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Postby NikiH » Tue Nov 04, 2003 5:25 pm

You said it Jake. They think this is what is "GOING TO" happen, so they print it hoping it actually happens and they can, "see, we called that one!" I am actually losing my patients with the media on a whole. Wait did Cris Colinsworth write this????
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Postby SkinsChic » Wed Nov 05, 2003 7:58 am

Yeah....I agree with both Jake and Niki
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