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Postby hatsOFF2gibbs » Wed Jul 21, 2004 5:15 pm

Guys, I'm not that new to this wonderful site but I still have a question. How do I get an avator onto my profile that is NOT on the galleries on this site?
--Feedback is appreciated

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Postby BossHog » Wed Jul 21, 2004 5:25 pm

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Postby hatsOFF2gibbs » Wed Jul 21, 2004 5:29 pm

thanks boss

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Postby genuswine hoglover » Wed Jul 21, 2004 8:38 pm

Boss, so what is the current post requirement for custom avators? It didn't seem to be locked down in your link.
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Postby DEHog » Wed Jul 21, 2004 8:41 pm

200 GH
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Postby Justice Hog » Wed Jul 21, 2004 9:28 pm

Why is this in the training camp forum? Sounds like "site news/welcome wagon" forum.
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Postby 1niksder » Thu Jul 22, 2004 8:36 pm

Don't know if this should be posted here or not but Boss your new Avatar is cool :up:

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