New registrations - please read

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New registrations - please read

Postby BossHog » Sat Jun 09, 2007 9:01 am

Due to the inordinate amount of spam problems these days on the internet, we have changed the way with which board registrations are dealt with.

This message board now operates under an admin approved registration system only. After you have registered, you may have to wait from 24 to 48 hours for your activation to become finalized. You can usually count on 24, but we're going to say up to 48 hours to be safe. (I try to do activations first thing each morning)

Obviously you won't be able to post until you have been activated, but you should still be able to view most of the board's content until then.

You will not receive any type of confirmation of activation unfortunately, so if you can login you're activated, if you can't you're not. :D

If you still can't login after a few days, just send one of the staff an e-mail to let them know that your account hasn't been activated, and we will look into it for you. If your registration was 'fishy' for some reason and was dumped by the spam filtering process, you may have to re-register. (at which point the staff would be fully aware of the situation and hopefully able to immediately activate the account on re-registration)

We also are in the process of eliminating many free email providers, and have already eliminated ANY email addresses that have a .INFO or a .BIZ extension; the faves of the spammers because the domains are cheap (side note to all - if you buy a domain name... don't buy one with one of these extensions.)

We apologize for this slight inconvenience, but we assure you, it is in the community's best interest. Every day I remove upwards of 20-25 accounts that have been created with the sole intent of littering the board with ads and various types of spam and other possible malicious links etc. Don't EVER click on one of these links as they are NEVER even what they claim to be and you subject your computer to any number of spyware, adware attacks etc.

It's one of the main reasons that we have people ask for permission to post links to certain things - to help enforce the fact that we are virtually spam free on this board (a modern marvel) and we take all of the precautions that we can to allow you to feel secure when you click on links in these forums.

Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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Postby admin » Mon Oct 01, 2007 7:20 am

Due to constant abuse, gmail and hotmail accounts will no longer be considered valid registration e-mail addresses.

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Postby moefan2000 » Mon May 07, 2012 1:06 am

hey i promise i wont screw up

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