Mike Tice Insists Devin Hester Will Be Very Involved

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Mike Tice Insists Devin Hester Will Be Very Involved

Postby 1niksder » Sun May 13, 2012 2:06 am

Mike Tice Insists Devin Hester Will Be Very Involved In Offense

"When asked about the Bears' most prominent returning receiver, offensive coordinator Mike Tice quickly pointed out he didn't first mention a ''Devin [Hester] package.''

That, of course, came from Bears general manager Phil Emery during draft weekend.

Tice was a bit jumpy because of his own history.

''I did the 'Randy Ratio'; that came back to bite me in the [rear end], right?'' a playful Tice said Friday. ''But Devin is going to be on the field. If he's not on the field, then they should fire me.''

After he was named the Minnesota Vikings' coach in January 2002, Tice said he had developed a formula to ensure that perennial Pro Bowl receiver Randy Moss would remain active in his offense. He called it the ''Randy Ratio,'' and he explained that at least 40 percent of the Vikings' passes would be intended for Moss.

Moss had 1,347 receiving yards the next season, but he averaged a career-low 12.7 yards per catch. In addition, the Vikings finished 6-10.

Still, Tice reiterated a common theme at Halas Hall: Hester will be very involved in the Bears' offense."

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