Worst DL in the league

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Worst DL in the league

Postby BringBackGibbs » Mon Nov 17, 2003 12:52 pm

This bunch of second and third tier linemen is a joke. Not only did we have no Interior Linemen, but we have no Outside rushers either. Bruce Smith has been a joke over the last 2 seasons. This one in particular is God awful. He is pathetic and no where near his old form. He is only playing because he is selfish and wants the sack record. Hope he gets stuck on zero and misses by half a sack.

Reynaldo Wynn is a no body on the other side. Upshaw and Zellner are weaklings. What did this management leave us with? a bunch of has been's and wanna be's.

For the interior, other than D. Russell who is a late addition, we have a promising guy on IR who is pretty much done for his career in Noble. We also have 4 door mats that everyone rushed over in Holsey, Haley, Dalon and Chase.

These guys are overpowered. They are a weakness to this team. Their lack of ability forces the linebackers to overcompensate.

Oh and speaking of lack of ability. Stop using LaVar as a pass rusheing DE now and then. This year he seems overmatched by Offensive linemen and he lines up way on the outside hoping to go around. Well by then the ball is already in the receivers hand 40 yards downfield. He looks foolish doing this.

This defense sucks. Edwards is no Marvin Lewis. His approach is timid and boring!

The skins won't even make 8-8 this year. There goes another year down the drain and another waiting game this offseason. Merry Xmas everyone!
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Postby Jake » Mon Nov 17, 2003 3:59 pm

On a positive note, profootballweekly.com said that the after Grady Jackson was released by New Orleans, the Saints said that they regret trading Chase because they feel Chase was had potential and was in better shape.
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Postby skinsNut » Mon Nov 17, 2003 4:09 pm

Don't hold back now :)

I agree BBG, our d-line is a joke.

On Sunday Lavar was his most 'unnoticeable' in a Redskin uni in my opinion.

The 'best LB corps in the league' looks like the most overpaid right now. Not putting it on them individually -- just saying that there's a lot of dough being paid to Armstead, Trotter and Arrington and they're pretty much invisible right now.
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