My 9 Minute-Plus Interview With RG3's Father

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My 9 Minute-Plus Interview With RG3's Father

Postby Zennie62 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:55 pm

I annually cover the NFL Draft, and this year had the pleasure of a rare, frank interview with Robert Griffin II, RG3's dad. We talked about how he raised Robert and in a very frank conversation. To me, RG3 represents a new generation of black NFL athletes who are just more part of the mainstream than ever before. 2011 was the turning point I noticed, and I've covered the NFL Draft for eight years. Anyway, I'd like your views on this, so here's my video interview and it has a link to the blog post, too:

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Postby welch » Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:27 pm

Great interview...fascinating to hear Robert's father...and from now on, our star player is "Robert", rather than RG3.

I don't have any contact with NFL players...can't compare. I think there have always been star players, like Bobby Mitchell or Doug Williams, who had superb character, magnetic, team-leading character.

Part of the "answer", if there is an answer that can explain any human being, might be in the Army careers of his parents. Robert II notes his own decision to stay away from alcohol...and I've bet he doesn't "dip" either. Beyond that personal choice (and discipline) is the fact that Robert II was a sergeant, and sergeants run the Army.

I suspect that Robert II is being modest by downplaying the leadership talent he must have had, and the skills he would have developed.

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