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Postby redskins56 » Thu Dec 18, 2003 9:49 pm

In the past few weeks, I have watched closely, as several of my fellow die hard Redskins fans have bashed one of our premeier playmakers, and citizens off of the grid iron. It finally got to the point where I had to make a post, pleeding with you to see where I am coming from...

Here are Champ Bailey's comments after being named a pro bowler for the 4th consevcutive season in his 5 seasons of duty in the NFL.

“I thought I had a pretty good year, but as a team I just wish we could have topped it off with a good year, too," Bailey said on Thursday. "It’s one of those things where you want to go, but you want to win, too."

If you ask me that doesn't sound too much like a me-me-me type guy. Contrary to popular beleif on this site, Champ has never been this way. Would you not be frustrated if you laid it all on the line, week in and week out, not missing a game for 5 strait years, giving 110% for 5 strait seasons for your franchise, all only to play in two playoff games, both coming in your rookie season. (when you were good enough to start, leading your team in pics, warranting heavy consideration for the pro bowl.)

Not to mention playing under 5 defensive coordinators, and 4 head coaches... Not to mention being bashed on a regular basis by so called loyal fans, who are calling for washed up and less productive players to replace you... (Bobby Taylor got beat 4 times for 2 TD's in Miami on Monday... Chris McCallister has been beat for at least one TD in all but one game this year...)

If I am Champ Bailey, and I am headed to my fourth strait pro bowl in my fifth NFL season, I am a little dissapinted with how things are going.

Throughout the course of a seven month period of daily questioning from reporters, whose main objective is to stir up controversy for us to debate on this website, quotes and opinions will be misinterpreted. At times, Bailey may say something that maybe he shouldn't but the bottom line is he is a young guy, playing a kids game, who leads by example...

It isn't a conincidence that Fred Smoot, who bunks with Bailey on occassion, and works out with him vigorosuly, has suddenly developed into one of the games headiest, and best corners. He is a second round pick, who has gotten better game by game since he was drafted, and Bailey's influence has been instrumental in that.

How often do we point the finger at player's around the league saying, look at taht former Redskin doing that great ting... (Brad Johnosn winning a SB championship, Trent Green going to the pro bowl with 23TD's and 9ints, Stephen Davis going to the Pro Bowl, ND Kalu having three sacks a few weeks back, James Thrash leading the Eagles recivers, Shawn Barber blowing up in Kansas City...)

We will be pointing at Champ next season, when he is minding his business going about his work, shutting down the opposing teams number one recevier, if we dont stop wishing his departure. He doesn't want to leave, he wants to stay... But they have got to show him the money, and HE HAS EARNED IT... Laveranues Coles is great, but he got a record 13 million signing bonus to come here, before ever playing for us... Champion Bailey has been here for the past five years, never once getting in trouble on or off of the field, being productive on the field and in the communtiy, and being an absolute professional.

I guess the old adage is true... I guess people don't know how special what they have is, until they don't have it... You Champ "haters" will see next year what happens without him... When Ade Jimoh and Rashaud Bauman are trying to cover Isacc Bruce and Ike Hilliard....

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Postby Justice Hog » Thu Dec 18, 2003 11:08 pm

He doesn't want to leave, he wants to stay...

I respectfully disagree with you here. All of Champ's comments seem to suggest that he wants to leave....not stay. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I really don't think so.
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Postby shorebird » Fri Dec 19, 2003 5:31 am

I would loooooooooooove to see him with wings on his helmet! With Taylor and Vincents contracts running out, Bailey would be the best free agent out there to replace either of them.
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Postby DEHog » Fri Dec 19, 2003 6:07 am

Redskins 56 you need to go back and read some of the posts carefully. The only person who wants Champ to leave is Champ. I have said and continue to say I would love to have him back. That said, this hasn't been Champs best year I think Champ would admit that. That being said he has still performed better then most CB in the league. Question, why did it take a pro bowl selelection for Champ to finally speak up, all year long we have needed him to speak up and become a leader. (see my post on leadership) Where has he been after the tough losses, like the Giants Games when he was beat all day by Toomer. Champ is a great athlete, I would love to have him here, I haven't heard anybody say they want to cut Champ what there're saying is if Champ want to leave let's slap a franchise tag on him and get something for him...The franchise tag is a tribute to Champ by the oraganization the same organization that offered him $55 mil!!!
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Detroit Radio Says Champ wants to be with Boss!

Postby BringBackGibbs » Fri Dec 19, 2003 8:34 am

I work around Detroit and their Lions Insider insists that Champ wants out of the D.C area to come over here and play with his brother Boss!

If that is what he wants, then good riddance. Skins have to Franchise him and trade him to Detroit. They would be salivating and might be willing to trade a few first rounders. He is too valuable to just let him go through free agency. If his heart is somewhere else then we need to get the most for his value.

And the by Champ, you would be stupid to go play for the Lions. As bad as the skins have been in recent history, that pales in comparison to the pathetic Lions. Detroit does not have the history that the redskins have.

Go Skins!
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Postby skinsfaninroanoke » Fri Dec 19, 2003 9:41 am

I think that Champ Bailey is a good player... one of the better corners in the league. I think he too has suffered from the schemes that the Skins are playing this year. In thinking about what you said 56, I have to say that if any QB is give 8-10 seconds of no pressure, any DB can be beaten.

That being said, there is no reason why a good WR like Toomer or some of the other WR that have schooled him should have. Maybe Champ should have shut his mouth up about his contract, said no comment to all the reporters before the year, and seriously considered taking a contract worth, what, 6 friggin mil a year???????????? Who cares if it makes you the TOP DOG in the contract column for that year?

You want to know why I consider Champ to be selfish? You see, it comes down to this. I am Champ - I look around the league and I see other CB getting paid more than I was offered and suddenly 6 million dollars - coincidentally more than the entire Congress is paid in a year - isn't enough for my ant sized ego. I need to lead the league in something besides passes defensed (which LaVar holds the distinction of being the leader of our team in that stat) or interceptions - nope, once again, not Champ - nooooooo - I need to be the highest paid to assuage my little po' boy ego. Whatta joke. There are some limits here. We let a great runner in SD go due to the fact that he was going to cost the team 11 million dollars this year - 1/7th the salary cap. What has Champ really done that provides half of what Davis could have done production wise? Has he returned 7 picks for touchdowns this year? No. Has he had 5 picks? No. Has he shutdown opponents from scoring? Oh, hell no.

I understand Champ is ONE of the best - not the BEST. He was offered better money than most players see in an entire contract. The ego gets in the way of these players staying on the same team for a lifetime, and the agents pulling a ventriloquist act for the SOLE FRIGGIN PURPOSE of using these kids to make more and more money for the AGENTS!!!!!!!!

(I hate those bastiges - they should be outlawed just like lobbyists.)

If Champ wants to stay, fine - say so and honestly work on a legitimate contract based on the numbers. He didn't perform worth 6 mil this year, IMO, but he was also injured, so that mitigates it somewhat. If the rumors are true that he wants to go elsewhere - shut up - don't tell the media, but tell the front office - let us get some value back for him leaving.
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Postby BossHog » Fri Dec 19, 2003 10:20 am

Thanks for saving me the time of writing all of that out skinsfan, I couldn't agree more.

Now Champ gets named to the pro bowl (and for what?) and fortifies his personal contract position.

Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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Postby skinsfaninroanoke » Fri Dec 19, 2003 10:22 am

For two picks and 56 tackles? Oh puhleaze. If his agent threw that up at me in the FO I would be about as sarcastic as possible asking which number do you think got him that starting pro bowl berth?

Fred Smoot - 48 Tackles 3 assists - 3 int - 7 passes defended
Champ - 62 Tackles 3 assists - 2 int - 8 passes defended

Excuse me - can we explain how 14 more tackles (in one extra game, mind you) one less pick and one more pass defended makes Champ that much better, or is it that Fred, for all his talking, is really close to being his equal anyway? Lord, lets not even talk about Champ's injuries either, because Fred has been on the injury list almost every week since the year started.
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Postby redskincity » Fri Dec 19, 2003 1:58 pm

Go get the money Champ. It is the NFL player pattern.
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