Yet another Snyder slam

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Yet another Snyder slam

Postby BossHog » Thu Jul 10, 2003 8:42 am

This is taken from CNN's 10 story lines to watch:

6. Still shopping for a pennant: Individually, many of the Jets-skins moves made sense. Cumulatively, they'd make me nervous if I was a Washington partisan. Always aggressive owner Daniel Snyder pulled off the biggest makeover in the NFC East since Jerry Jones splurged on a face lift. It's just that Snyder's track record on big, bold new approaches isn't all that good. The only year Snyder hasn't painted with broad strokes was 1999, which also marks the team's most recent playoff appearance.

Coincidence? Time will tell. To be sure, Snyder has given second-year head coach Steve Spurrier more weapons on offense. Namely all those ex-New Yorkers. But Spurrier still has to rely on a second-year quarterback to perform, and it is Patrick Ramsey's showing more than anything that will determine just how savvy Snyder looks at season's end.

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Postby RP81 » Thu Jul 10, 2003 7:46 pm

Snyder's an easy target for lazy sport's writers. I don't think I've seen any fair assessments of our offseason moves so far since everyone is still judging Snyder on what happened in 2000.

Dano could cure cancer it wouldn't be enough for some journos to get off his back.

I'm just shocked that we weren't the #1 storyline :shock:

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