You Be The Owner

Talk about the Washington Redskins here. Do you bleed burgundy and gold?

How would you improve the Redskins next year?

Hire a GM. Keep Spurrier and his coaches.
Hire a GM. Keep Spurrier but replace a lot of the coaches.
Hire a GM. Clean house and fire everyone, including Spurrier. Start fresh next year.
Don't hire a GM. Keep Spurrier and his coaches.
No votes
Don't hire a GM. Keep Spurrier but replace a lot of the coaches.
Don't hire a GM. Clean house and fire everyone, including Spurrier. Start fresh next year.
No votes
Don't change a thing! Spurrier will finally get things goin' next year!!
No votes
Total votes : 15
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You Be The Owner

Postby Justice Hog » Tue Dec 23, 2003 11:41 pm

There's been a lot of talk about what the Redskins should do next to improve next year. Fire the coach, keep the goes on and on. Here are a few choices. What would you do if you were the owner?
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Postby DEHog » Wed Dec 24, 2003 5:58 am

None of the above…Don’t do a thing! Here's why, your question was if I was owner. If I’m DS I don’t do a thing, because I’m on trial here I’m auditioning for the new GM/Head Coach of the future. I’ve been villainies by the local and national media for having the attention span of a two year old, all because I love the Redskins and want them to win at all cost. That’s one of the main reasons I stop talking to the press, that and the fact that nobody knows who I am anyway, everybody think I’m that guy who played Miles on the old TV series Murphy Brown. So you see I’m not going to do a thing. Oh sure I gave SS a vote of confidence last week when Mark Maske caught me in the parking lot. But still I’m not going to change things in the off-season. Hiring a GM? That would be disrespectful to SS…now if SS comes to me and says hey I want to hire this friend of mine form Tampa to run our personnel department. Sure Steve, anything you want. Fire some assistant coaches, no way I gave SS full authority over the coaching staff, if I fired any of them I be accused of meddling and my future GM/Head coach may not like it. Now if SS comes to me and says I want to fire Edwards and Helton and replace them with Williams and Grimm, not a problem Steverino Sounds great to me. Flash forward to next December the Skins are in a divisional game and drop a close one to Tom Coughlin’s G-Men, to fall to 7-8 out of the playoffs again, they mail in the last game and finish 7-9 Spurrier has already told the world if after three years I don’t win someone else deserves a shot to coach this team. If he doesn’t remember then I’ll politely remind him. All my problems are solved. Steve leaves quietly the players and the press can’t get mad at me. Publicly I do my best SS impression and say gosh I wish he’d stay!! I go out and hire a GM (not Matt Millen) a guy who know football and let him do his thing. Let him hire a coach and some assistants…and were on are way. Oh wait, I just had a thought, what if the OBC wins next year, damn the luck. We make the playoffs, the fans come back. The national media want to talk to me and ask why I kept this guy…I just sit back light up a big fat one and say, I told you’ll this guy could win in the NFL…How you like me Now!! But remember it require me to do nothing this year!!
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Postby BossHog » Wed Dec 24, 2003 7:28 am

You forgot...

... cancel the racquetball membership.


... get the helicopter painted (why is it blue anyway? Shouldn't it be burgundy and gold?)

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Postby Jake » Wed Dec 24, 2003 8:17 am

Blue and orange are his company's colors. When he bought the team, he had the inside walls of the Redskins Park building painted orange and blue. Snyder just proves how stupid he really is. I don't know yet if he has found out the Redskins wear burgundy and gold and repainted the walls. It just proves how much about football he really knows... he buys the REDskins and paints the inside of the building BRONCOS colors! :evil:
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Postby redskincity » Wed Dec 24, 2003 9:03 am

I still want to see SOS wide open offense work. The only thing, although the receivers are open so is QB :(
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Postby hailskins666 » Wed Dec 24, 2003 9:19 am

i voted hire a gm and clean house..... it was the closest to the way i feel...... HIRE A GM AND LET HIM DECIDE WHAT TO DO, thats what gm's do, run the organization, so that weasles like snyder can have their "bartles and james"
... cancel the racquetball membership.

yea lets find him a boxing partner, that way everytime he makes a stupid decision, somebody gets to put him on his fat A$$
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Postby ii7-V7 » Wed Dec 24, 2003 10:05 am

yea lets find him a boxing partner, that way everytime he makes a stupid decision, somebody gets to put him on his fat A$$

Let me be the first to volunteer


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Postby Texas Hog » Wed Dec 24, 2003 11:41 am

looks like HailSkins and I are in the minority
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