Postgame thoughts on loss to Eagles

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Postgame thoughts on loss to Eagles

Postby redskins56 » Sun Dec 28, 2003 2:29 am

Redskins Report Card

QB's... (B) Tim Hassellback completed 21 of 32 passes, but he turned it over twice. He was able to escape some pressure, but got sacked five times. He did hit his receivers in stride most of the time, and spread the ball around well...

RB'S... (A) Rock Cartwright carried the load well, averaging 3.6 yards per carry, and scoring a touch on the ground. He also had over 50 yards receiving, most of which came on a 40 yard completion that set up a first and goal from the one. Chad Morton showed glimpses of being a game breaking back, getting two key first downs on the ground, and catching the ball well out of the backfield...

WR'S... (C+) Laveranues Coles was terrific as usual, making numerous tough catches in traffic, but he had little help. Rod Gardner had 2 catches for 4 yards, but didn't drop a pass, which is a plus for the second year wide out. He extended his consecutvie game streadk with a catch to 47, and contributed with some key blocks. Cliff Russell saw action and made 2 catches for minimal gains, and dropped a pass. Patrick Johnson dropped two passes, and did very little to make a contribution.

TE'S... (A) The group didn't allow a sack, and caught three passes. It was a banner day. Byron Chamberlain even saw action , so you know it was a nice day for the TE's.

O-line... (C) They were average... gave up five sacks, and didn't clear too many holes... But they did give Timmy H time, and kept the penalties to a minimum... Not too shabby

D-Line... (D) Eagles running backs didn't test them too much after Westbrook's injury but they got very little pressure if any. No sacks, not one, not even close..

Linebackers... (A) Jeremiah Trotter was all over the field and had 10 total tackles... Jessie Armstead added 8 total tackles, and LA Nation had 5 total tackles, 2 passes defensed, and a few nice hits on McNabb... they created a little havoc...

Defensive Backs... (C-) Champ Bailey was shackles as he has been all year, breaking up two balls, and yielding few to no catches... I still have to watch the tape again to see whose fault Lewis' open touchdown was... Smooty got beat on two long balls, but compensated with some nice plays... Matt Bowen helped stop the run, and hit receivers crossing the middle hard... Todd Franz committed 2 penalties in his first start, and missed a handful of tackles... Andre Lott got toasted a half dozen times.. why was he in the game, IFY please get healthy for next year.

Coaching... (B) Spurrier called an okay game, but the defense couldn't stop the Eagz in the first half, and playing catchup is tough. He was gutsy and went for some 4th downs, but why not, what was the team playing for..

Bottom line: The Skins played hard but the Eagles are flat out a better football team...

How would you rate the units Skins fans??

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Postby BossHog » Sun Dec 28, 2003 4:43 am

ST - hiccup
Defense - 2 hiccups
Passing - hiccup
Rushing - 2 hiccups
Coaching - hiccup

While we managed to hold on to some dignity by not letting the game continue like the first quarter was played... the game was pretty much over when the Eagles went up 21-0.

Edwards was his same old self.

Our d-line looked as poor as ever.

Spurrier looked as befuddled as ever.

Coles was as usual... one of the few bright spots. Looking for a jersey #? Throw on a # 80... he's pure class.

My favorite part of the whole game was that the final whistle put an end to what has been one of the most painful seasons that i have ever had to endure. Some of that is my own fault for false hope... but most of it is just due to a team that fell so short of their promise and hype.
Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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Postby skins75 » Sun Dec 28, 2003 11:50 am

I couldnt agree more with you BH. This is the most miserable season that I can remember (at least in the last ten years). Our defense looked like utter crap. I dont care how many takles Trotter had he continues his streak of over pursuing players and missing tackles in the open field. Nice play on that screen pass. TOO many players to complain about on defense so I will say just a couple of things. We need to sign a quality #2 reciever. McCants although he deserves PT should be lining up as our #3 guy. Gardner is is going into his 4th season next year and seems to be getting worse. Cut him. Need to sign a quality FB that can block as well as an every down RB. This RB by commitee thing is just not working. These are just a couple thoughts about our offense. Everyone knows that our DL is just pathetic and we need some help in the secondary as well. Just my two cents.

... deep in TX
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Postby Texas Hog » Sun Dec 28, 2003 12:29 pm

My expectations were too high as well....mainly based on the supposed "continuity" issue. I say the hell with the continuity and start from the top and start rebuilding this once proud franchise. I can't stand another embarrassing season like this one.
God bless our troops and Joe Gibbs.
We'll miss you, Joe.

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