Where do I begin??

Talk about the Washington Redskins here. Do you bleed burgundy and gold?
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Where do I begin??

Postby DEHog » Sun Dec 28, 2003 6:46 pm

WOW...it is so bad right now I don't even know where to begin??

After 3 days in D.C. I find myself questioning everything about the Skins. I'll start with SS. From what I read and heard and have seen, i beleive SS is leaving and I beleive it will be sooner rather then later. I'm hearing he and DS differ on which coaches to retain. They both need to give a little in this area because it looks like some good coaches are going to be availible and will want to work thier way back to HC status guys like Fassel, Williams, Juron, McGinnis and Callahan. If you had ask me before I went to D.C. if SS is coming back I'd said yes now I really feel he is going to leave. enough with that, we really have no control over those discisions..but let's talk about something we have very much control over. Something that has me fuming!!!

THE FANS!! and I use the term fan losely. After finding a Skins fan for one of my tickets (I had to buy three, that's another story) My wife and I got to FedEx only to be greeted by thousands of beagles fans and that was in the parking lot!! Then after a 30 min wait to get patted down we just made it into the stadium in time for kickoff only to find a dozen beagles fans not only in my row but sitting in my 3 seats!!!! Now imagine me sitting in a beagles fans seat at the Linc in my Redskins stuff!!! We sit here on this site and we talk about and question loyalty of players and coaches...the fans are the worst!! The beagles scored 3 quick TD's thier fans are screaming DUECE, DUECE I swear I thought I was in Philly. He!! if I wanted that I'd go to the Linc, I live closer to the Linc then FedEX. I DID NOT SPENT MY HARD EARNED MONEY TO PUT UP WITH THIS BU!!$H!T!!!! This was my wife's first game and she turned to me and ask why do you do this again??? I had no anwser?? Venting Hog I feel for you, next year will be your first as a season ticket holder and I think you are going to be dissapointed.Alot of calls after the game were about the fans...DS is making $70 a year. Don't hand me the line hey you pay your money as a fan you can do what you want. Do me a favor if your a season ticket holder, GO TO THE GAMES. If you don't GIVE THEM UP!! REDSKINS FANS WE MUST RECLAIM OUR STADIUM Bosshog I'm begging you to make this one of this site priorities. Just say the word and I will do what ever you need. I have been a season ticket holder for two short years, and what I have wittness is downrite shameful. Don't tell me you'll come when they win, cause I don't want you there. The Philly fans make it hard on us if we go up there we should be hard on them. By that I don't mean violence. I mean not giving up our tickets. I have thought about giving up my tickets but why should I? I'm a loyal fan...but as a loyal fan don"t I have some rights?? Don't I have the right to go and cheer my hometeam on with out being harrased by the opposing teams fans??? At what points does this become a security issue? There were numeruous fights last night. The owners have organized, the coaches have organized, the players have organized why can't the fans. If you haven't notice by now I'm totally pi$#ed off about this, I also want to do something about it!! Love to here you thoughts. Hey if you think I'm crazy, just tell me and I'll go away, I just can't believe the state of some of today's fan. Sorry for rambling-Dehog
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Postby tx_skins_fan » Sun Dec 28, 2003 8:12 pm

If I still lived out there, I'd be right there with you. Every year I go torment the Dallas fans when the 'Skins are in town. The difference is that you can always get tickets to a Cowboy game. Even playoff games have to be bought up and given away by big corporations so the games won't get blacked out here. It's pathetic. I hate fairweather fans. I'm a die-hard 'Skins fan, and so is my entire family. We will never give up any tickets we get our hands on, especially to division rivals.

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Postby HitDoctor » Sun Dec 28, 2003 8:14 pm

Everyone feels your pain. I live in the philly market and I have spent the last 3 seasons rooting hard against philly in the playoffs. Tired of the DAN, tired of SS. There is no hope for this team until Snyder hires a Football guy (Not a Yes man) and personally takes a long vacation. I don't trust snyder/cerratto/spurrier to make NFL decisions. My Father and I decided to give the skins tickets away to last nights game. The fighting is no surprise, happens in philly all the time, their fans are TRASH. It can't be overstated. I hate Dallass the team, but I hate philadelphia the sports fan
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Postby DEHog » Sun Dec 28, 2003 8:19 pm

I'm glad to hear you say that TSF I was just having this discussion at work with some boys fans (after the Skins Boyz game) They said Dallas always support thier team always sell out...I just laughs...the only time they've seen Texas was at boot camp in S.A. I was in Witchata Falls for a year and i remember getting tickets for a T-Day game vs. the Vikings beck in the late 80's. He!! my Mom's whole familiy is from Shamrock TX I could easily claim the boyz more then these fools!! One of my dreams is to pack a 46 pak bus and come down there for a Skins/boyz game!!!
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Postby Jake » Sun Dec 28, 2003 8:33 pm

My mom and I go to every game. When we were on the metro bus and we had a bunch of Eagles fans in the back singing that stupid song and chanting E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES! They actually weren't as bad as last year. (I guess being patted down brought back some old memories) :roll: There was this one Eagles fan sitting in front of us who had a mohawk and green paint on one side and silver on the other. I called him Shrek the whole time. Starting in the third quarter these people behind us starting getting po'd and threw about a total of 10 beer bottles at his head. He was drunk and yelling but didnt do anything about it. I agree. Redskins fans suck compared to what they used to be when we had RFK. Part of the reason the Skins fans were quiet is jealousy, envy, and intimidation. We are jealous that they actually have a winning team, we envy the fact that they support no matter what, and intimidated that if we do anything about it, we will get our butts kicked from the rowdy eagles fans. The only good parts of the game last night was seeing some of the young guys getting some PT and actually having conversations with the nice Eagles fans that are out there. There are few of them out there but my mom and I talked to a guy who is an Eagles fan and his wife who is a Skins fan. They were really nice and even though I had a crappy night, it was refreshing to be able to have normal conversations with some normal eagles fans.
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Postby BossHog » Sun Dec 28, 2003 10:24 pm

Alright DEHog... what do you wanna do?

You wanna set up a ticket brokerage on the site for Skins fans to sell their tickets to SKINS FANS ONLY?

We might be able to do something like that...

What gives you the feeling that SOS is leaving... anything in particular? Not questioning... just geographically challenged and not always privy to the 'buzz'.
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