Draft ideas

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Draft ideas

Postby allhailskins! » Mon Dec 29, 2003 4:14 pm

We have the 5th pick and we'll likely lose Champ if not this year, than the next...so what if we did this:

1)5th Pick take Will Smith DE from Ohio State
2)Trade Champ to Atlanta for the 7th pick and draft Sean Taylor S out of Miami.
3)Sign Charles Woodson in the offseason.
4)Sign Daryl Garnder for less than he would've gotten last year and thank Denver for putting up with him.
5)Cut Trung and give Betts/Rock the chance.
6)Pray to the almighty above the offensive line plays up to its supposed talent.

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Postby DEHog » Mon Dec 29, 2003 4:33 pm

Not a bad start, I like Shawn Springs better the Woodson...won't cost as much and he's a homer. I'd take Harris out of OK he can play DT or DE I really like this kid if here is still there at 5
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Postby Jeff Rhodes » Mon Dec 29, 2003 4:58 pm

I don't disagree with the assumption that we could part with Champ, sign Woodson (or Springs, or McAllister, or Bobby Taylor or one of the other free agent CBs on the market) and be no worse off than we are now.

But if you and I can figure that out, why on earth do you think the Falcons would be stupid enough to trade away a high first-rounder and deal with Champ’s outrageous salary demands instead of shopping for a free agent themselves?

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Postby BossHog » Mon Dec 29, 2003 5:23 pm

First off... i doubt very much there will be a trade... we may franchise Champ and somebody up the neccessary compensation for him but I don't think there will be a trade.

We can't afford a 5th and 7th pick cap wise. One or the other and a later first round pick yes.... but two top 10s would be tough.

It's also pretty hard to speculate on the draft yet too. There is a lot of time between now and then and the Redskins aren't going to draft a Will Smith on draft day if they sign a Jevon kearse before then.

I like Rock, but IMO, he proved he can't be the every down back. We need a RB.. whether a mid round draft pick or a free agent signee.

I agree that Trung can go... he didn't do enough to worry about... though he IS under contract and cheap. Betts can't be our guy if he can't stay healthy... he can go too IMO... maybe we can get a late round pick for him on draft day.

Really, it's crazy to try and make any predictions until the coaching staff has been decided.

Oh and I forgot... there are tons of CBs that can give us the performance that Champ did this season... so that'll be a question of timing. Can we franchise Champ and get compensation before all of the good CBs are snapped up?
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Postby Texas Hog » Mon Dec 29, 2003 6:03 pm

I sure hope we stay away from Woodson....that was some punk stuff he and Garner played yesterday. We don't need him that bad. All he cares about is himself...judging of course by what I've heard in the media.
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Postby zspawn71 » Mon Dec 29, 2003 10:41 pm

I would be happier with getting a solid r-back 20 to 25 carries agame type,Rock and laddell havent proven anything.First try and sign Champ then trade him,use pick on Sean Taylor.Sean Taylor and Cory Harris would be nice....



Postby redskinsfan01 » Tue Dec 30, 2003 1:14 am

putting a franchise tag on bailey would be alright but we need him as a leader on the fiedl and n the locker room. he has proven to be the top 3 cbs of the time rite now and he is younger and quicker and smarter than the corners that u have mentioned. ne way if those players got confronted by snyder they would ve getting top notch dollar as it is because thats what snyder does. i say keep champ trade down to a mid draft pick with either a defensive lineman or more picks and with the pick that they get from the trade pick up kevin jones from vt. he has proven to me that he is the best back n college football and n my eyes has a great future a head of him and the redskins would be stupid to give him up.

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Postby redskins56 » Tue Dec 30, 2003 1:22 am

Zspawn71: What is your deal on Sean Taylor...

Firstly...Lets start by saying Boss Hog hit it on the head with his comment about drafting two top tens... However, if somehting crazy happened and we had the money, why would we draft a safety (allbeit a good one), rather than going after something we really need... We could grab a top tear work horse to carry the load in the backfield or another stud pass rusher or run stopper for the front line if we havent addressed the need yet.

Secondly... Our safeties this past season played better than expected, and established themselves as quallity starters... Both Ify, and Matty Bowen performed as well as several other Safety's in the league, and were actually above average...

Ifeyani Ohelate got league wide publicity as a playmaker, and came up with some huge plays when we needed them most... (Tip on 4th down to beat the Patriots on SEP. 28th... Interception return to the 1 yd line, to turn Falcons game around after falling down 17-0... An interception and fumble recovery int he first half against the boys to keep us in the game in bid d...) He finished the season up second on the team in tackles with 103 (STATS FROM NFL.COM, NOT COACHING TAPES)... He and Bowen were 2nd and 5th on the team in tackles, combined for 6 int's, and 3 fumble recoveries...

Matty Bowen played the last two weeks with a banged up knee and a concussion, not to mention playing in two additional games earlier on in the season after suffeing concussions... He was insturmental in stopping the run, a heady defender, and made plays when the ball was in the air... 83 TACKLES isn't too bad for a safety in his first year as a full time starter in the NFL...


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Postby hailskins666 » Tue Dec 30, 2003 8:59 am

while taylor is ok he dosen't warrant that high of a pick. if he were another roy williams, maybe, but he isn't. Dline, first priority, and for some reason if we end up with two first rounders, a tailback isn't a bad option to consider. we need to add those two links to our chain desperatly. we need to be able to stop the run, and control clock on offense. with those two factors we would have won a lot more of the close games. My 2 cents
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