Sad Story

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Sad Story

Postby HitDoctor » Wed Dec 17, 2003 12:16 pm

I had recently purchased Redskins sweatshirts for my Daughter and Wife. One Sunday last month my Wife wore hers to this church function and asked my daughter if she wanted to wear hers (she's 9). Her reply "no because the people in my class will make fun of me". I told this to my Father and he was, much like myself, speechless. I sympathized and respected her wishes, afterall we live in Eagle territory and their sportsmanship is well documented (they raise their children that way). This is how teams lose future fans.
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Postby Jake » Wed Dec 17, 2003 3:20 pm

That sucks. I go to school and hear about it anyways even when im not wearing a Skins shirt. I usually always am, though. I'm in high school so I've learned to take it since everyone has know me since elementary school knows im the biggest skins fan they know. They know i like a terrible team but they have grown up to respect that I'm faithful and won't ever change. New Jersey is a terrible place to be a Skins fan (or any other fan than the jets, giants for eagles for that matter). So I don't blame your daughter. I'm the biggest Skins fan anyone in my school had met but I probably would never wear a Skins shirt to school either. Tell your daughter that someone else feels her pain, too and realizes that these people just say it to get to you. They don't mean it. :wink:
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