Roy Williams

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Roy Williams

Postby BossHog » Mon Dec 22, 2003 10:17 am

Not sure why I torture myself but I watched a tape of the Pukes game last night.

Despite hating all things Cowboy... Roy Williams might ALREADY BE the best safety in the NFL. Man... he does everything well and has such an impact on the game... heck nearly every play.

Maybe it's because I played safety but I just find myself in awe of the guy. Linebacker mentality, linebacker intensity... cornerback speed... scary. IMO, he's the reason the Cowpukes have the best D in the NFL (251 total paltry yards per game).
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Postby Guest » Mon Dec 22, 2003 10:32 am

I know what you mean boss!! He is great but I hate him so!! Not just because of the pukes, I am a Cornhusker fan(because of the running game) and I hated him at Soonerville. But I must concer He has more of an impact on that defense than any other safety in the league. He probably has more talent than any other safety although Dawkins is not too shabby

We should have drafted DOSS


Postby Guest » Mon Dec 22, 2003 11:54 am

Ed Reed may eventually be as good, he's a young guy. But he's nowhere near Roy right now.

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Postby Wingman » Wed Dec 24, 2003 10:26 am

Boss- I have agree with you as much I hate anything that has to do with the Cowgirls but Williams is flat balls out the best safety in the league at this point. As far as Ed Reed, he will benefit with playing on the same squad as Ray Lewis but he is not in the same league as Williams. Then again, they have different styles so the comparisons are tough to make.
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Postby Texas Hog » Wed Dec 24, 2003 12:38 pm

this guy will cause us nightmares for years...but then again, he may be the pukes' Champ in 1 or 2 more seasons.....similar circumstances, made the playoffs his Baily-first, Williams-second season, one of the best at his position, etc.
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