Bush Hamdan Q & A

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Bush Hamdan Q & A

Postby BossHog » Thu Aug 07, 2003 3:04 pm

While I was at training camp, I had the pleasure of talking to Bush Hamdan, Gibran's younger brother. Bush is going to be a senior this year at O'Connell High School in Arlington, Virginia. I'd like to thank him for taking the time to talk to me.

BossHog: Thanks for your time Bush. Was Gibran surprised to be drafted?
Bush: Not really. He's been working out dilligently for the last few months because he knew that even if he wasn't drafted, he'd be in camp with somebody and trying to make an NFL roster.

BossHog: Was he surprised to be drafted by the Redskins then?
Bush: Well more excited than surprised. We're from Maryland, so you couldn't ask for much more. My whole high school football team can come out and watch him practice. (and did!)

BossHog: Your brother has a cannon for an arm. Is that his greatet asset?
Bush: I guess, but Gibran realizes that when you reach this level of play... everyone has a great arm. Probably his best assets are the fact that he is focused and that he is genuinely a good guy*. He is dedicated to becoming the best quarterback that he can be, and so every night after practice, he goes home and studies his playbook. You'll never find him doing anything stupid or getting into trouble... he's just too committed to becoming an NFL quarterback.

BossHog: Is he content to fill the 'project' role here for a while?
Bush: (Laughing)... maybe I should have said that patience was his best asset. He spent 4 years playing behind Antwoin Randle El at Indiana, where he really learned to be patient and learn all that you can in a backup role. He knows that he was brought in as a developmental quarterback with an eye for the future. He has a lot of respect for Patrick Ramsey and Rob Johnson, as well as confidence in their abilities. He also has a lot of respect for Brad Banks whom he has hung out with here since they arrived.

... at that point I thanked Bush for his time and left him to his merry troop of followers ( that was increasing as the
week went on!). I was thoroughly impressed with the composure that this 17 year old conducted himself with. I suspect that we'll be reading his name in the college ranks very, very soon.

* - just an editor's note here about Hamdan being a 'good guy.' Nobody, and I mean nobody, has spent more time with the fans before and after practice than Gibran Hamdan has. He's out there everyday signing autographs, getting pictures taken and kissing babies. It's easy to dismiss this fact by thinking 'well it's because he's not as well known' but there are a lot of other 'lesser knowns' at camp that aren't putting in 1/10th of the time with the fans. He has a big,
infectious smile and I for one hope that he can make a splash.

Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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Postby skinsfanno9 » Sat Aug 09, 2003 2:34 pm

I would second the "good guy" thing. Hamden is one of the easiest autographs to get. He is always out there, and he has a wonderful personality.

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