Bounce-back win has Caps in 2nd place

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Bounce-back win has Caps in 2nd place

Postby Bob 0119 » Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:10 pm

After a tough loss it's nice to get the bounce-back win!

We have moved from last place to 2nd place in a little over a month. As of 12/17/08 the standings were;

Carolina 17-14-3 for 37 points
Florida 15-16-2 for 32 points
Tampa 14-16-3 for 31 points
Atlanta 14-17-1 for 29 points
CAPS 13-18-3 for 29 points

Compared to this morning 01/25/08;

Carolina 24-24-4 52 points
CAPS 23-22-5 51 points
Atlanta 23-25-4 50 points
Florida 22-24-5 49 points
Tampa 20-25-5 45 points

We have gained the most amount of points, while playing the fewest amount of games within our division during that time.

From 12/17/07 - 1/25/08 we are averaging 1.38 point per game, and the division is

Caps 10-4-2 16-games 22-points averaging 1.38 ppg
Atlanta 9-8-3 20-games 21-points averaging 1.05 ppg
Florida 7-8-3 18-games 17-points averaging 0.94 ppg
Carolina 7-10-1 18-games 15-points averaging 0.83 ppg
Tampa 6-9-2 17-games 14-points averaging 0.82 ppg

If this level of production continues, I see no reason why we don't win the division this year!

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Postby welch » Sat Jan 26, 2008 10:38 pm

This team is good. I still don't quite who who they are -- you mean Bondra's retired and Gonchar plays for the Penguins???? -- but they are good.

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