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Postby Thundersloth » Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:53 pm

Sorry about the cutting and pasting. Like Tony Kornheiser says, I'll try to do better next time.

here is a typical pro I formation


Note how the left WR is the last guy on the LOS to the left of the formation and the TE is the last guy on the LOS on the right. Those two are eligible receivers along with the FB HB and WR on the right. :D

How do teams run 3 receiver sets with a QB and a RB in the backfield. If all the eligible receivers have to be 1 yard behind the line of scrimmage then you would have 5 in the backfield and that would mean you have 12 on field because you have to have 7 on the line of scrimmage right? And since this isn't Canadian football, that would be a penalty right? :D
Here's an example of a 3 WRs formation:


Really all that has been done is you remove the FB and put in an extra WR. You see in this formation the extra receiver is on the left and isn't on the LOS making him eligible just like the FB he replaced.

In ANY formation, everybody in the backfield (max. of 4) is eligible and the last man on the LOS. :D

Sorry guys, I may have gone a bit overboard with this, but I LOVE talking FOOTBALL, and I just want the best answer to the question.
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