Looking to trade Skins DVDs - Have some GREAT stuff

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Looking to trade Skins DVDs - Have some GREAT stuff

Postby SonnyRules » Tue Mar 16, 2004 10:32 pm

Hey, guys

I'm looking to expand my Redskins DVD collection and am wondering if there are any other traders out there. I'm especially looking for George Allen-era stuff, and my "Holy Grail" I'm searching for is the NFC Championship game from 1972 when the Skins beat Dallas, as well as the game in '78 at RFK where the Skins won 9-5 against the 'boys. If anyone has either of these games, PLEASE let me know.

Here's what I have thus far, and I have some stuff that I KNOW no one else has, as far as quality. Drop me an email if anyone's interested in trading. I make these DVDs myself, and they all have cool menus, chapter points, etc. For most of the games, I've edited them to fit on a two-hour DVD to preserve the best possible transfer quality. This usually involves just cutting out commercials, but sometimes I've had to cut out some "between play" banter during the opposing team's meaningless drives to get the time down to two hours or so...

I'm only interested in Skins stuff, and only games they WON. Life's too short to relive a miserable loss. Anyway, here's what I have so far:

1. Super Bowl 17 - I can't imagine that ANYONE has a better copy of this game. I just made the DVD and it comes from a Beta Master tape that another fan let me borrow. The quality is unbelievable, and I spread it over 2 DVDs so I could keep all the pregame, halftime show, postgame and all those great 80's commercials and A-team promos. ;-)

Honestly, it's almost like watching the original broadcast.

2. Super Bowl 22 - Comes from a master VHS source - great

3. Super Bowl 26 - Also comes from a VHS Master source - fantastic quality

4. NFC playoffs vs. Lions, '82 (decent quality)

5. NFC playoffs vs. Vikings, '82 (Riggo Runs Wild)

6. NFC playoffs vs. Cowgirls, '82 (Best Redskins game in history?)

7. Regular season vs. Raiders, 1983 (Great comeback victory - too bad it didn't carry over into Super Bowl 18)

Okay, these next few are DVDs that I've made myself over the last couple years, and they all feature footage recorded directly into my computer, so the quality is perfect. They're like Redskins "Mix DVDs," in that they feature a variety of Redskins history.

8. Redskins 2002 Season in Review - This isn't the NFL Films thing - I made this myself throughout the 2002 season, recording extensive highlights for almost every game and then compiling them in order on DVD. Lots of stuff on Darrell's last game especially.

9. Redskins 2003 Season, "Fall of Spurrier, Return of the King" - same type of thing as above, extensive highlights from every game (except the cowgirl shutout), lots of footage of Spurrier leaving, the return of Gibbs, and even Gibbs' first press conference from when he took the job in '81

10. Redskins Rewind Vol. 1 - Season recaps for the 69, 73, 74, 75 seasons, "Game of the Week" against Cowboys, 1975, variety of short clips

11. Redskins Rewind Vol. 2 - "Game of the Week", 1984 comeback win over Dallas in Dallas, 81 season in review, '82 season in review, SB 17 in review, 2002 season in review, hilarious old Kilmer clips when he was with the Saints and was miked during a game, good Arrington hit clips

12. Redskins Rewind Vol. 3 - "History of the Redskins" from 1937-87. Great old clips; "Hail to RFK" (local broadcast after last game at RFK); "Game of the Week" vs. Seahawks, 2003; Lavar on Total Access giving tour of Redskins park, highlights of Skins vs. Giants, 1963

13. Redskins Rewind Vol. 4 - Season highlights for the 86, 87, 90, 91, and 92 seasons

I also have a few VHS tapes that I'm in the process of converting to DVD, like the "No, Danny, No" game, the 1984 comeback over Dallas, vs. Atlanta and Lions in '91 playoffs, victory over Dallas at RFK in 1979, more.

Okay, that's it for now. Again, if anyone's interested in trading, drop me a line:


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