NFL Could Incorporate Electronic Sideline Concussion Tests

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NFL Could Incorporate Electronic Sideline Concussion Tests

Postby 1niksder » Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:06 am

NFL Could Incorporate Electronic Sideline Concussion Tests

Commissioner Roger Goodell believes the technology is in place for the NFL to use electronic concussion tests on the sideline in 2012.

Goodell told that in addition to testing concussions and head injury on the sideline with computers or an electronic tablet, the NFL plans to use replay to inform athletic trainers when to take a closer look at a player.

"There are some tremendous professionals that are taking a very cautious and conservative approach that are making it safer for our troops, NFL players, girls soccer players and that you can manage the risk of concussions, that we can do more to prevent it and that we can understand it better to make sure you fully recover from these injuries," Goodell said to SI. "The first thing to do is prevent it. That goes to rules, equipment. The second is our sideline assessment tools. We have made changes to that. There are some new technologies that make this very soon in the future where on a tablet, you can actually take a test on the sideline to determine (the concussion)."

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