Dez Bryant arrested on domestic violence charge

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Postby emoses14 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 12:37 pm

Chris Luva Luva wrote:
Irn-Bru wrote:a man only gets one mother. Not that it needed to be said.

True. But just cus you push a kid out doesn't make you a mother... Not anymore than getting a woman pregnant makes you a father...

The biological aspect IMO doesn't garner you those "rights" that most parents get to operate within. People find that difficult to fathom with mothers, but they can be just as non-existant as a dead beat father.

Amen. Implantation and delivery are the easy parts. Raising and nurturing, that's what makes you a mother/father.

At first read, I thought these measures seemed ridiculous. This changed my mind:

The mother he's accused of assaulting is 14 years older than he is and has done jail time for selling crack. There is no father in the picture. The book on Bryant's family is that it cared nothing about him until he got drafted and started making large sums of money. Leaving Bryant to fend for himself in that environment is a recipe for failure

Skinsfreak wrote:Evidently beating up his mother is a regular and common practice for this jerk. What a piece of crap this guy is. I don't care what the reason or circumstance, putting your hands on any woman, especially your own mother, is one of the most despicable things any man could ever do.

Dan Graziano wrote:And let's be careful how we use terms like "grown man." This young man is 23 years old and has obviously been the victim of negligence when it comes to his emotional and behavioral development. He's not a finished product. Far from it, in fact. To give up on a person at that age just because you think he's had enough time to figure everything out is shortsighted

Sometimes I think we tend to project our own personal narratives of family and respect onto other's sitautions. I don't disagree with skinsfreak, really. But I do think, piggy backing off of CLL, that before we can heap additional shock and awe onto Bryant hitting his "mother", we probably have to differentiate who that woman is, because right now we're just talking, apparently, about the woman who gave birth to him.
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