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Postby the poster » Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:54 pm

well let me bring it current in a way only I can do. Ive waited 12+ years and I may have finally found a worse owner than Dan Snyder.

e new guy in jaxsonville who obviously knows little of American foo tall and less on how to manage athletes is talking too much.

in a thread talking about a central figure in one of many loser trades the redskins have made over the years, at that time it was mike shanhan ripping the redskns off by getting a hall of fame corner....AnD..of course..,the patented redskin throw in high second round draft pick for portis, maybe shanahan could make amends on the eve of ports retirement with his current employer by ripping the jaguars off by trading low for last years rushing champ, who was just told today by their owner "not concerned about him, tell him to get on the train, it's leaving. "

that sends a great message to otonly the player but everyone else in their organization. who do u thin you are, khan, Dan snyder? you're gonna have to wreck a franchise for a decade if you want that title..but you're off to a solid start

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This was moved from the "Why not Do it Again....WRs.. Who stays - Who goes?" thread because although I have no idea what its about, it has nothing to do with the Redskins or the WRs on the roster.

Other sites would have just deleted this but I simply moved it here, because it mentions something about the NFL team here in daVille and something about Shanny when he was in Mile High.

I could have moved it to smack, but that would have been wrong... everyone would have had something to say. Instead I put it here so we can watch it fall off the board.


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