Basic fix the economy reduce deficit plan.

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Basic fix the economy reduce deficit plan.

Postby HEROHAMO » Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:05 am

Well here is my take on how to help the current financial situations in the U.S.

1. High unemployment rate.
2. 16 trillion dollar deficit.

First off I would change the tax laws. There would only be 3 tax brackets. 10,15 and 25. In 2013 the following months will be no taxes for existing companies and workers of that company. Jan, Jun and December of 2013 will be federal tax free. Sales taxes and state taxes still apply.

All new businesses will be federally tax free for the first 6 months. The next 6 months they will then pay a fixed rate of 10 percent. The new business will continue to pay 10 percent for two years. After two years the normal tax rate of 25 percent applies. If this business can add 25 full time employees after the second year. They can pay a rate of 15 percent.
If this same business can continue to add 10 workers a year they can continue to pay a rate of 15 percent for a maximum of five years after the first two years. After a maximum of 7 years the business will then pay the normal tax rate.

Obamacare and Social Security.
Social Security is money that is rightfully the recipients. Money was taken over the course of ones career. I would keep it intact. I would offer the option to the recipient before they retire to invest. However that would be up to them.

Obamacare. Well this is a huge issue. This issue causes too much divide amongst the country. So what I would do is keep it. However I would provide a generous tax break for businesses who decide to provide health care for at least 10 full time employees. Existing businesses who can provide health care for 10 or more full time employees will pay a rate of 15 percent federal tax. If a business provides health care for 50 employees or more they will pay a rate of 10 percent. The employer will pay 30 percent of the monthly health bill the rest the employee in monthly payments.
Health insurance companies will be required to provide a group discount plan as well to help lower the cost to the employer and employee.

Cutting wasteful spending. This is by far the hardest to do. How do you think government officials get elected?I would like to get rid of every wasteful program, slush fund etc.. However this is not likely or very difficult. Special interests groups pay heavy sums to make sure their guy passes the certain laws they like. Youd basically have to take on, identify and expose many, many groups behind the scenes. This is up to the people to vote the right person in the first place.
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