Redskins All-Time Team Update

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Redskins All-Time Team Update

Postby DarthMonk » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:13 pm

Here's where things stand:

I will make this a 53-man roster.

We will have 2 at all positions (starter and backup) except we will have 3 RB, 2 TE, and 4 WR. This allows for all the sets we've run over the years.

That makes 48. The other 5 are PK, punter, long snapper, KR, and PR.

If someone makes it at two different positions I will add a WR, then a RB.

I'm open to suggestions on altering the overall make-up of the 53 man squad - things like 3 DTs instead of 2 LTs and 2 RTs, same for DEs and OTs - to free up space for an extra RB or WR, etc.

We will also choose a coach, a GM, and an owner.

As things stand now, I'll try to come to a consensus top 3 at each position before polling (top 5 at RB, top 4 at TE, and top 6 at WR).

Code: Select all

Quarterbacks – Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgensen
Running Backs –
Wide Recievers –
Tight Ends –
Left Tackles – Joe Jacoby, Jim Lachey
Left Guards – Russ Grimm, ?
Centers –
Right Guards –
Right Tackles -

Left Defensive Ends –
Left Defensive Tackles –
Right Defensive Tackles –
Right Defensive Ends -
Left Outside Linebackers –
Middle Linebackers –
Right Outside Linebackers -
Left Cornerbacks –
Right Cornerbacks –
Strong Safeties –
Free Safeties –

Placekicker –
Punter –
Kick returner –
Punt returner –
Long Snapper

Head Coach –
General Manager -
Owner –
Hog Bowl III, V Champion (2011, 2013)

Hognostication Champion (2011, 2013)

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