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Talk about the Washington Redskins here. Do you bleed burgundy and gold?
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Postby HTTRRG3ALMO » Fri Apr 19, 2013 3:00 pm

Chris Luva Luva wrote:I'm not worried about the schedule, at all. They're going to win 9+ games this year, whoever gives us the W's is meaningless to me.

This is no longer a team that we have to hope/wish/pray will win games. They're good enough to beat people, handily.

Though in general I agree, I still think this schedule looks a bit scary.

The best thing about it is we'll be "tried by fire" all year. Not that we aren't already a tough team, but we'll get a lot wiser a lot faster, etc.

I'm just hoping for 10-6 again this year. Seems quite reasonable, but deep down I'm thinking if we truly pull together like we did last year, we're facing a 12-4 season.

Gonna be a hard year, but the young team needs it for maximum development. Just hope we avoid injuries all around.

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Postby HTTRRG3ALMO » Fri Apr 19, 2013 3:03 pm

DarthMonk wrote:Links but no list? Here's the list:


1 Mon, Sep 9 Philadelphia 7:00 PM
2 Sun, Sep 15 at Green Bay 1:00 PM
3 Sun, Sep 22 Detroit 1:00 PM
4 Sun, Sep 29 at Oakland 4:25 PM
6 Sun, Oct 13 at Dallas 8:30 PM
7 Sun, Oct 20 Chicago 1:00 PM
8 Sun, Oct 27 at Denver 4:25 PM
9 Sun, Nov 3 San Diego 1:00 PM
10 Thu, Nov 7 at Minnesota 8:25 PM
11 Sun, Nov 17 at Philadelphia 1:00 PM
12 Mon, Nov 25 San Francisco 8:30 PM
13 Sun, Dec 1 NY Giants 8:30 PM
14 Sun, Dec 8 Kansas City 1:00 PM
15 Sun, Dec 15 at Atlanta 1:00 PM
16 Sun, Dec 22 Dallas 1:00 PM
17 Sun, Dec 29 at NY Giants 1:00 PM

Part of me is a little disappointed we're not playing Dallas last again this year. However, having just come out of the cap situation, I think playing the Giants last this year has its own sentiments :)

Week 17 for us will be my Super Bowl this year, just as it was last year. No matter what happens this season, I want to see us completely devistate these guys. Just completely overtake them.

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Re: Skins opening game

Postby blowwad » Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:56 am

funsho2 wrote:The eagles have played the eventual superbowl winners last 4 seasons in their opening game

Good omen for the skins?

I'm assuming you mean their home opener. Bummer if that follows through though because it means that San Diego will win the Super Bowl this year.

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