This game is a wild one!

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This game is a wild one!

Postby Guest » Sun Sep 14, 2003 2:00 pm

I'm a Falcons fan, and all I have to say, is this game is wild! The momentum was with the Falcons, then with the Skins, then back to the Falcons, and kinda back in the Skins favor. The 17-0 lead was awesome (the Skins are having bad O-line issues, and Ramsey is getting hammered) 1st was a FG then a TD, then a fumble and another TD, there was another Fumble, but Feely missed the kick :oops:. Then the Skins drove down the field and scored, then got a pick and scored again making it 17-14. It looked bad until we ran it back to the Skins 30 yd line then scored with a pass to the TE. After that the Skins kicked a FG after the Falcons didn't run out the clock. I think the Falcons will pull it out in the end, great game though :D

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Postby doeslammer » Sun Sep 14, 2003 2:14 pm

I am losing my F-ing mind, what a game, I thought the d-fense would show up, great game, to many penalties, let see what happens, great catch Gardner.

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