The #1 problem is as follows...

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The #1 problem is as follows...

Postby Chris Luva Luva » Mon Oct 20, 2003 9:53 am

I think Michael Wilbon hit it dead on in his editorial.

With SS, and Edwards, there is a HORRIBLE lack of consequence for innapropiate behavior and actions.

Lavar tackling in the stands. Who saw SS, or Edwards chew him out?

Trotter if Im not mistaken getting into a fight late in the game? Who saw SS, or Edwards chew him out?

Gardener dropping atleast 6 balls, did he get yelled at?

NO CONSEQUENCE! No benching, fining, or yelling is done. Michael even stated in his editorial that after the game SS was calm.

And I agree with him Parcells is the reason y the Cowboys are 5-1 and I WISH TO GOD THAT WE HAD HIM HERE. He preches the fundamentals. If you give up, you're going to get fired on the way home. Spurrier will just smack you on the hands. Like I said weeks ago, he's a pansy.

SS and Edwards do NOT belong in the PRO RANKS.

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