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2005 Free Agency
Tuesday, June 19th 2018

Washington Redskins 2005 Free Agency News

Additions Subtractions Re-Signings
Casey Rabach
David Patten
Santana Moss
Pierson Prioleau
Fred Smoot
Antonio Pierce
Laveranues Coles
Lemar Marshall
Joe Salave'a
Ethan Albright
John Simon
Chris Clemons
Ron Warner
Jeff Chandler
Cedric Killings
Mike Sellers

UFAs - Ray Brown, Brian Kozlowski, Pat Dennis
RFAs - Demetric Evans - tendered,Tim Hasselbeck - tendered, Andre Lott - tendered, Rock Cartwright - tendered, Todd Franz

2005 NFL Free agents - Unofficial


Player Class 2004 Team Status
Shane Matthews UFA Bills Unsigned
Jim Miller UFA Patriots Unsigned
Sage Rosenfels UFA Dolphins Unsigned
Kordell Stewart UFA Ravens Unsigned
Kelly Holcomb UFA Browns Unsigned
Charlie Batch UFA Steelers Unsigned
Tony Banks UFA Texans Unsigned
Todd Collins UFA Chiefs Unsigned
Damon Huard UFA Chiefs Unsigned
Drew Brees UFA Chargers Unsigned
Mike McMahon UFA Lions Unsigned
Rick Mirer UFA Lions Unsigned
Craig Nall RFA Packers Unsigned
Doug Pederson UFA Packers Unsigned
Gus Frerotte UFA Vikings Unsigned
Josh McCown RFA Cardinals Unsigned
Matt Hasselbeck UFA Seahawks Unsigned
Brock Huard UFA Seahawks Unsigned
Ty Detmer UFA Falcons Unsigned
Vinny Testaverde UFA Cowboys Unsigned
Jesse Palmer UFA Giants Unsigned
Jeff Blake UFA Eagles Unsigned
Tim Hasselbeck ERFA Redskins Unsigned
Josh Harris ERFA Ravens Unsigned
Matt Mauck ERFA Broncos Unsigned
Bradlee Van Pelt ERFA Broncos Unsigned
David Rivers ERFA Raiders Unsigned
Rod Rutherford ERFA Panthers Unsigned
Shaun Hill ERFA Vikings Unsigned

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Wide Receivers

Player Status 2004 Team Status
Drew Haddad UFA Bills Unsigned
David Givens RFA Patriots Unsigned
Kevin Kasper RFA Patriots Unsigned
David Patten UFA Patriots Unsigned
Freddie Milons RFA Ravens Unsigned
Travis Taylor UFA Ravens Unsigned
T.J. Houshmandzadeh UFA Bengals Unsigned
Andra Davis RFA Browns Unsigned
Andre King UFA Browns Unsigned
Lee Mays RFA Steelers Unsigned
Plaxico Burress UFA Steelers Unsigned
Corey Bradford UFA Texans Unsigned
Marvin Harrison UFA Colts Unsigned
Troy Walters UFA Colts Unsigned
Cortez Hankton RFA Jaguars Unsigned
Troy Edwards UFA Jaguars Unsigned
Bobby Shaw UFA Chargers Unsigned
Eddie Drummond RFA Lions Unsigned
Tai Streets UFA Lions Unsigned
Kelvin Kight UFA Packers Unsigned
Kelly Campbell RFA Vikings Unsigned
Dane Looker UFA Rams Unsigned
Nathan Poole RFA Cardinals Unsigned
Alex Bannister UFA Seahawks Unsigned
Cedrick Wilson RFA 49ers Unsigned
Curtis Conway UFA 49ers Unsigned
Karl Hankton UFA Panthers Unsigned
Micah Ross UFA Panthers Unsigned
Edell Shepherd RFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Tim Brown UFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Joey Galloway UFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Charles Lee UFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Frank Murphy UFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Bill Schroeder UFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Dedric Ward UFA Cowboys Unsigned
James Thrash UFA Redskins Unsigned
Ryan Hoag ERFA Vikings Unsigned
Aaron Hosack ERFA Vikings Unsigned
Mike Furrey ERFA Rams Unsigned
Todd DeVoe ERFA Titans Unsigned
Lane Danielson ERFA Titans Unsigned
Cedric James ERFA Patriots Unsigned
Kendall Newson ERFA Dolphins Unsigned
CJ Jones ERFA Browns Unsigned
Sean Morey ERFA Steelers Unsigned
JJ Moses ERFA Texans Unsigned
Romar Crenshaw ERFA Broncos Unsigned
Ronald Curry ERFA Raiders Unsigned
Malcolm Floyd ERFA Chargers Unsigned
Reggie Newhouse ERFA Cardinals Unsigned
Tom Crowder ERFA Cowboys Unsigned
Willie Ponder ERFA Giants Unsigned
Antoine Burns ERFA Panthers Unsigned
Talman Gardner ERFA Saints Unsigned
Derek McCoy ERFA Buccaneers Unsigned
DeAndrew Rubin ERFA Buccaneers Unsigned

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Running Backs and Fullbacks

Player Status 2004 Team Status
Joe Burns RFA Bills Unsigned
Kory Chapman ERFA Patriots Unsigned
Rabih Abdullah UFA Patriots Unsigned
Lamont Jordan UFA Jets Unsigned
Leonard Henry RFA Dolphins Unsigned
Travis Minor UFA Dolphins Unsigned
B. J. Sams ERFA Ravens Unsigned
Chester Taylor UFA Ravens Unsigned
Rudi Johnson UFA Bengals Unsigned
Kenny Watson UFA Bengals Unsigned
Verron Haynes RFA Steelers Unsigned
Jason Anderson ERFA Texans Unsigned
Jarrod Baxter RFA Texans Unsigned
Jonathan Wells RFA Texans Unsigned
Edgerrin James UFA Colts Unsigned
James Mungro UFA Colts Unsigned
Dominic Rhodes UFA Colts Unsigned
Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala UFA Jaguars Unsigned
Jarret Payton ERFA Titans Unsigned
Santonio Beard ERFA Broncos Unsigned
Cecil Sapp ERFA Broncos Unsigned
Garrison Hearst UFA Broncos Unsigned
Ronnie Cruz ERFA Chiefs Unsigned
Derrick Blaylock UFA Chiefs Unsigned
DeJuan Green ERFA Raiders Unsigned
J. R. Redmond UFA Raiders Unsigned
Amos Zereoue UFA Raiders Unsigned
Calvin Murray ERFA Chargers Unsigned
Jesse Chatman RFA Chargers Unsigned
Leon Johnson UFA Chargers Unsigned
Adrian Peterson RFA Bears Unsigned
Anthony Thomas UFA Bears Unsigned
Najeh Davenport RFA Packers Unsigned
Tony Fisher RFA Packers Unsigned
Butchie Wallace ERFA Vikings Unsigned
Arlen Harris ERFA Rams Unsigned
Emmitt Smith UFA Cardinals Unsigned
Shaun Alexander UFA Seahawks Unsigned
Joey Harris ERFA Panthers Unsigned
Nick Maddox RFA Panthers Unsigned
Brandon Bennett UFA Panthers Unsigned
Rod Smart UFA Panthers Unsigned
Fred McAfee UFA Saints Unsigned
Ian Smart ERFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Reshard Lee ERFA Cowboys Unsigned
Eric Bickerstaff ERFA Cowboys Unsigned
Kaylon Kincade ERFA Cowboys Unsigned
Lousaka Polite ERFA Cowboys Unsigned
Eddie George UFA Cowboys Unsigned
Derrick Ward ERFA Giants Unsigned
Ron Dayne UFA Giants Unsigned
Michael Cloud UFA Giants Unsigned
Brian Westbrook RFA Eagles Unsigned
Correll Buckhalter UFA Eagles Unsigned
Dorsey Levens UFA Eagles Unsigned
John Simon ERFA Redskins Unsigned

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Tight Ends

Player Status 2004 Team Status
Ryan Neufeld UFA Bills Unsigned
Chris Baker RFA Jets Unsigned
Anthony Becht UFA Jets Unsigned
Ed Perry UFA Dolphins Unsigned
Daniel Wilcox ERFA Ravens Unsigned
Darnell Dinkins RFA Ravens Unsigned
Terry Jones RFA Ravens Unsigned
Keith Heinrich RFA Browns Unsigned
Matt Cushing UFA Steelers Unsigned
Matt Murphy RFA Texans Unsigned
Brian Jones RFA Jaguars Unsigned
Patrick Hape UFA Broncos Unsigned
Mike Leach UFA Broncos Unsigned
Jeb Putzier UFA Broncos Unsigned
Aaron Golliday ERFA Chiefs Unsigned
Kendall Gammon UFA Chiefs Unsigned
Brock Edwards ERFA Chargers Unsigned
Antonio Gates ERFA Chargers Unsigned
Justin Peelle RFA Chargers Unsigned
John Gilmore RFA Bears Unsigned
John Owens RFA Bears Unsigned
Casey Fitzsimmons ERFA Lions Unsigned
Stephen Alexander UFA Lions Unsigned
Bubba Franks UFA Packers Unsigned
David Martin UFA Packers Unsigned
Ben Steele UFA Packers Unsigned
Jermaine Wiggins UFA Vikings Unsigned
Cam Cleeland UFA Rams Unsigned
Lorenzo Diamond ERFA Cardinals Unsigned
Freddie Jones UFA Cardinals Unsigned
Ryan Hannam RFA Seahawks Unsigned
Itula Mili UFA Seahawks Unsigned
Dwayne Blakely ERFA Falcons Unsigned
Eddie Johnson ERFA Panthers Unsigned
Lamont Hall UFA Saints Unsigned
Will Heller RFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Ken Dilger UFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Rickey Dudley UFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Dave Moore UFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Brett Pierce ERFA Cowboys Unsigned
Sean Ryan ERFA Cowboys Unsigned
Brian Kozlowski UFA Redskins Unsigned

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Offensive Tackles

Player Status 2004 Team Status
Jonas Jennings UFA Bills Unsigned
Marcus Price UFA Bills Unsigned
Tom Ashworth RFA Patriots Unsigned
Brandon Gorin RFA Patriots Unsigned
Adrian Klemm UFA Patriots Unsigned
Kareem McKenzie UFA Jets Unsigned
Brian Rimpf ERFA Ravens Unsigned
Damion Cook RFA Ravens Unsigned
Ethan Brooks UFA Ravens Unsigned
Kirk, Chambers ERFA Browns Unsigned
Lewis Dawson ERFA Browns Unsigned
Joaquin Gonzalez RFA Browns Unsigned
Bo Lacy ERFA Steelers Unsigned
Barrett Brooks UFA Steelers Unsigned
Oliver Ross UFA Steelers Unsigned
Marcus Spears UFA Texans Unsigned
Ryan Diem UFA Colts Unsigned
Bob Whitfield UFA Jaguars Unsigned
Brad Lekkerkerker ERFA Raiders Unsigned
Langston Walker RFA Raiders Unsigned
Joe Wong RFA Raiders Unsigned
Chad Slaughter UFA Raiders Unsigned
Carlos Joseph ERFA Chargers Unsigned
Victor Rogers RFA Lions Unsigned
Stockar McDougle UFA Lions Unsigned
Kevin Barry RFA Packers Unsigned
Adam Haayer RFA Vikings Unsigned
Scott Tercero ERFA Rams Unsigned
Orlando Pace UFA Rams Unsigned
Walter Jones UFA Seahawks Unsigned
Floyd Womack UFA Seahawks Unsigned
Jerome Davis UFA 49ers Unsigned
Kevin Shaffer RFA Falcons Unsigned
Dave Kadela ERFA Panthers Unsigned
Mike Houghton UFA Panthers Unsigned
Matt Willig UFA Panthers Unsigned
Victor Riley UFA Saints Unsigned
Anthony Davis ERFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Greg Walker ERFA Giants Unsigned
Brandon Winey UFA Giants Unsigned
Ian Allen RFA Eagles Unsigned
Tra Thomas UFA Eagles Unsigned

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Offensive Guards and Centers

Player Status 2004 Team Status
Mike Pucillo RFA Bills Unsigned
Billy Yates ERFA Patriots Unsigned
Stephen Neal RFA Patriots Unsigned
Joe Andruzzi UFA Patriots Unsigned
Brandon Moore ERFA Jets Unsigned
Jonathan Goodwin RFA Jets Unsigned
Dave Yovanovits RFA Jets Unsigned
Eric Wilson ERFA Dolphins Unsigned
Maake Kemoeatu RFA Ravens Unsigned
Bennie Anderson UFA Ravens Unsigned
Casey Rabach UFA Ravens Unsigned
Melvin Fowler RFA Browns Unsigned
Chad Beasley RFA Browns Unsigned
Paul Zukauskas UFA Browns Unsigned
Milford Brown RFA Texans Unsigned
Rick DeMulling UFA Colts Unsigned
Tupe Peko UFA Colts Unsigned
Mike Compton UFA Jaguars Unsigned
Carlisle Cooper UFA Broncos Unsigned
Ronald Stone UFA Raiders Unsigned
Chris Dielman ERFA Chargers Unsigned
Terence Metcalf RFA Bears Unsigned
Tyrone Hopson UFA Lions Unsigned
Marco Rivera UFA Packers Unsigned
David Dixon UFA Vikings Unsigned
Anthony Herrera ERFA Vikings Unsigned
Brandon Newton ERFA Vikings Unsigned
Blaine Saipaia ERFA Rams Unsigned
Darnell Alford UFA Rams Unsigned
Chris Dishman UFA Rams Unsigned
Tom Nutten UFA Rams Unsigned
Jeremy Bridges ERFA Cardinals Unsigned
Cameron Spikes UFA Cardinals Unsigned
Chris Gray UFA Seahawks Unsigned
Kyle Kosier RFA 49ers Unsigned
Eric Heittman RFA 49ers Unsigned
Rob Murphy UFA 49ers Unsigned
Martin Bibla RFA Falcons Unsigned
Michael Moore RFA Falcons Unsigned
Roberto Garza UFA Falcons Unsigned
Steve Herndon UFA Falcons Unsigned
Tutan Reyes RFA Panthers Unsigned
Rich Tylski UFA Panthers Unsigned
Cosey Coleman UFA Buccaneers Unsigned
Ben Noll ERFA Cowboys Unsigned
Matt Lehr UFA Cowboys Unsigned
Jermane Mayberry UFA Eagles Unsigned

Free Agency Terms and Definitions

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Important NFL Dates:
March 1, 2004
Expiration date of contracts due to expire in 2005
March 2, 2005
Free agency and trading period begins
April 15, 2005
Restricted free agent offers deadline
April 23-24, 2005
2004 NFL Draft, New York City, New York

Franchise Designation Amounts

Here is a list of the dollar amounts required to franchise a player at the various positions. 2005 marks the first time ever that quarterback is not at the top of this list.

Cornerback - $8.816 million
Quarterback - $8.078 million
Wide Receiver - $7.768 million
Offensive Line - $7.424 million
Defensive End - $6.666 million
Running Back - $6.323 million
Linebacker - $5.95 million
Defensive Tackle - $5.134 million
Safety - $4.968 million
Tight End - $2.687 million
Kicker/Punter - $1.787 million

These numbers were released by the NFLPA.
Free Agency Terms and Definitions