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Interested in advertising on the site?

Some frequently requested information:

How do you rank on Google?
Our front page currently has a Google Rank of 5, tops for Redskin fan sites. With the launch of the new website (June 2006), we expect our ranking will soon improve (we have removed the frames layout and a lot of the flash that we used to use). We have front page rankings for all of the following keywords already: "washington redskins news", "washington redskins fans", "washington redskins fan", "washington redskins information", "washington redskins roster", "washington redskins message board", "washington redskins message boards" and more. This is just a sampling of some of the good web penetration that THN has. With over 55,000 pages spidered by Google, there are many Redskins-related searches that bring viewers to our website.

What type of businesses do best advertising on theHogs.net?
Anything directly targeted to sports fans. our demographic consists largely of men between the ages of 16 and 45. Typically, we advertise for a number of ticket brokers, fantasy sports sites and sport book sites. Businesses local to Washington D.C. and the surrounding area also benefit from our demographics.

How long are your ad rate schedules?
We currently offer monthly, seasonal (6 months - Aug.1-Jan.31) and yearly ad schedules. Yearly advertisers will also get ads in our full featured NFL draft section.

Does theHogs.net chart click-thrus for me?
We do not use ad-charting programs as our advertisers would not get the benefit of the Google back-link if we did; however, if the advertiser prefers to provide THN with their own tracking code, we will gladly implement it.

What kinds of ads do you offer?
Gold PackageSilver Package
Advertisers choosing the Gold Package will enjoy links on virtually EVERY page of the website. A 234x60 half banner ad will appear on the front page of the website and on all of the pages within the website with the exception of the message boards. Gold subscribers will receive a 180x60 TEXT ad on the main pages of the message board as well.

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Silver package subscribers will enjoy a text link on all of the main pages of the website, including the front page. This is a particularly attractive option for ticket brokers.

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Bronze PackageSection Specific
Text only links can be purchased on any page of the website except for the message boards and front page for just $50 / month each when you purchase an entire season. (6 months)There are many unique features at THN; features that may have very specific interest to particular advertisers - the tailgate club section, the News portal section, the exclusive articles section etc. Contact us for more details on having your ad placed in the most prominent advertising location in one of our busiest feature sections*.
* - We will also be releasing more information on our new podcasts in the near future . There will be both website and 'on-air' advertising available soon.
How are payments handled?
We prefer that payments be made via our PayPal account here. Checks can also be accepted, though ads will not be placed until checks are processed.

Who do I contact to find out more?
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions via e-mail.

Thank you for considering advertising on theHogs.net!
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