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We are proud to bring you exclusive Redskin content all the time. The hard working volunteers at THN put in a lot of time to bring the Redskins' faithful just a little more Redskin news to read. We want all Redskins fans to be able to enjoy the content, so if you're a webmaster of a Redskin site and want to use our headlines or blogs, just use one of the methods listed below.
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If you do use our headlines on your site, please let us know at feedback@thehogs.net. All of the headlines link to a white printable page. Just click on one of the links in the PHP example above to see a sample.


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Mark SolwayMark Solway - "BossHog"
RT, # 66, 2002-present
Founder of the group, and subsequent Boss Hog, he co-ordinates this mess.
Scott HurreyScott Hurrey - "JansenFan"
C, # 53, 2004-present
An undrafted free agent out of Flint Hill, Hurrey rocketed to starter status.
Jake RussellJake Russell - "Junior Hog"
TE, # 85, 2003-present
Russell defied his junior status in membership, & continually justifies the decision.
Scott PeekScott Peek - "NC43Hog"
TE, # 88, 2003-present
NC handles a lot of blocking duty at tight end and isn't too bad at graphic arts either.
Bernie Marshall - "1niksder"
OL - Backup, 2005-present
Came out of Jacksonville in 2005 as an UFA - 1niksder is as backwards as his nickname.
Daniel Coleman - "Irn-Bru"
OL - Backup, 2005-present
Drafted in 2005 to provide youth to an aging core unit.
Chris Allen - "Chris Luva Luva"
OL - Backup, 2005-present
Drafted to provide something, we're just not exactly sure what yet.
Stephen Zorio - "Fios"
OL - Backup, 2006-present
Every court needs a jester... or a sippy cup.