Washington Redskins Salary Cap Table

The Disclaimer: This page is here for fun and as a resource only. Information was gathered meticulously from media reports and numerous other official sources like NFLPA.org, but it is not guaranteed that all numbers are accurate.

Our capologist does his best to keep the numbers on this page as up-date as possible. Just click on a category heading to sort the table accordingly. Below the individual cap totals, you will find the dead cap numbers, and the team's salary cap numbers.

Name Total Cap Hit 0 Base Salary Pro Rated Signing Bonus Pro Rated Option Bonus Other Bonuses Total Cap Hit 2014
Dead Cap Numbers
Washington Redskins Team Salary Cap Figures

A. Salary Cap for each NFL team:

$133,000,000 Set by the NFL based on CBA

B. Redskins Adjusted Cap:

$123,400,000 With cap debits and credits applied

C. Redskins Individual Cap Total:

Sum of all Redskin contracts

D. Redskins 'Rule of 51' Total:

0 Only the 51 highest contracts go against the cap

E. Redskins Dead Cap:

0 Total owed on expired contracts

F. Redskins Cap Position:

0 Dead Cap + Rule of 51 (D + E)

G. Redskins Cap to Spend:

133,000,000 Redskins present cap space (A - F)
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