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Washington Redskins Rule of 51 Salary Cap Figures

This page is ONLY available from the salary cap page, and as such, opens in a fresh window and without some of the navigation so that you can easily compare this page with the cap page.
The 'Rule of 51' stipulates that only the top 51 player salaries for a team count against the salary cap in the offseason. During the season, all player salaries count toward the salary cap.

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Top 51 Redskins Individual Salary Cap Figures - Unofficial

Rk Name Total Cap Hit Base Salary Pro Rated Signing Bonus Pro Rated Option Bonus Other Bonuses Adjust* Total Cap Hit Next Year
1Orakpo, Brian11,455,000   11,450,00000000
2Williams, Trent10,980,400   7,250,0001,980,00001,750,00000
3Garcon, Pierre9,700,000   7,100,0002,200,0000400,00000
4Cofield, Barry7,678,000   4,550,0002,678,0000450,00000
5Bowen, Stephen7,020,000   4,400,0002,520,0000100,00000
6Griffin III, Robert5,760,000   2,310,0003,450,0000000
7Chester, Chris4,300,000   3,000,000800,0000500,00000
8Hatcher, Jason3,750,000   1,500,0002,250,0000000
9Montgomery, Will3,613,000   2,625,000688,0000300,00000
10Riley, Perry3,420,000   2,000,0001,420,0000000
11Lichtensteiger, Kory3,300,000   2,500,000550,0000250,00000
12Lauvao, Shaun3,000,000   2,000,0001,000,0000000
13Porter, Tracy2,800,000   1,250,0001,000,0000550,00000
14Kerrigan, Ryan2,770,000   1,560,0001,210,0000000
15Roberts, Andre2,250,000   1,250,0001,000,0000000
16Hall, DeAngelo2,062,500   1,250,000812,5000000
17Baker, Chris1,950,000   950,0001,000,0000000
18Sharpton, Darryl1,737,500   730,000820,0000187,50000
19Polumbus, Tyler1,600,000   1,500,000100,0000000
20Jenkins, Jarvis1,524,000   927,000495,0000100,00000
21Young, Darrel1,383,000   875,000333,0000175,00000
22Geathers, Clifton1,350,000   1,075,000250,000025,00000
23Paulsen, Logan1,337,000   870,000367,0000100,00000
24Meriweather, Brandon1,000,000   1,000,00000000
25Heyward, Adam955,000   855,000100,0000000
26Sundberg, Nick912,500   750,000162,5000000
27Amerson, David875,250   530,000295,250050,00000
28Hankerson, Leonard821,000   645,000151,000025,00000
29Helu, Roy762,563   645,000117,5630000
30LeRibeus, Josh757,000   590,000167,0000000
31Paul, Niles690,000   645,00045,0000000
32Cousins, Kirk688,000   570,000118,0000000
33Robinson-, Keenan675,000   570,000105,0000000
34Neild, Chris657,000   645,00012,0000000
35Royster, Evan645,000   645,00000000
36Hull, Josh645,000   645,00000000
37Hurt, Maurice645,000   645,00000000
38Moss, Santana635,000 ‡ 955,00065,00000-385,0000
39Reed, Jordan632,000   495,000137,0000000
40Gettis, Adam621,000   570,00051,0000000
41Golston, Kedric621,000   1,120,000900,000120,000100,00000
42Thomas, Phillip601,301   495,000106,3010000
43Morris, Alfred601,000   570,00031,0000000
44Crawford, Richard586,000   570,00016,0000000
45Robinson__, Adrian570,000   570,00000000
46Nelson, Kyle570,000   570,00000000
47Compton, Tom570,000   570,00000000
48Robinson, Aldrick570,000   570,00000000
49Bellamy, Josh570,000   570,00000000
50Forbath, Kai570,000   570,00000000
51Robinson_, Trenton570,000   570,00000000
 Rule of 51 Total113,756,014 0

Table Key

* - The 'Adjust' category refers to Unlikely To Be Earned incentives (UTBE). This number can be either a debit or a credit depending on whether or not that unlikely to be earned incentive was earned. If it was earned, there is a debit in this category, if it was not, the team receives a cap credit the following year and you will see a negative number.

&Dagger - Players qualifying for the league veteran minimum. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, teams are rewarded for using veteran players by giving them a cap discount. For qualifying contracts, all minimum salaries for veterans (plus up to $40,000 signing bonus).


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  Home » Deluxe Main » Team Information » Salaries » Rule of 51 Sunday, September 25th 2016
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