Washington Redskins Transactions

Thanks to the diligence and hard work of THN Staff, we have been maintaining a database of all of the Washington Redskins transactions since 2003. The transactions are listed in descending chronological order, but you can just enter the last name of the player that you are looking for in the search box, and narrow your list considerably.

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Latest Washington Redskins Transactions (In descending order)
Apr 27 2009Robert Agnone - The Redskins Signed Delaware Tight End Robert Agnone As An Undrafted Free Agent.
Apr 27 2009Scott Burley - The Redskins Signed Maryland Offensive Lineman Scott Burley As An Undrafted Free Agent.
Apr 27 2009Edwin Williams - The Redskins Signed Maryland Center Edwin Williams As An Undrafted Free Agent.
Apr 27 2009Chase Daniel - The Redskins Signed Missouri Quarterback Chase Daniel As An Undrafted Free Agent.
Apr 26 2009Marko Mitchell - The Redskins Selected Nevada Wide Receiver Marko Mitchell In The 7th Round (243rd Overall) In The 2009 NFL Draft.
Apr 26 2009Eddie Williams - The Redskins Selected Idaho Tight End/Fullback Eddie Williams In The 7th Round (221st Overall) In The 2009 NFL Draft.
Apr 26 2009Robert Henson - The Redskins Selected TCU Linebacker Robert Henson In The 6th Round (186th Overall) In The 2009 NFL Draft.
Apr 26 2009Cody Glenn - The Redskins Selected Nebraska Lineabcker Cody Glenn In The 5th Round (158th Overall) In The 2009 NFL Draft.
Apr 26 2009150th Overall 5th Round Draft Pick - The Redskins Traded The 150th Pick To The Minnesota Vikings For The 150th And 221nd Pick In The 2009 NFL Draft.
Apr 26 2009Kevin Barnes - The Redskins Selected Maryland Cornerback Kevin Barnes In The 3rd Round (80th Overall) In The 2009 NFL Draft.
Apr 25 2009Brian Orakpo - The Redskins Selected Texas Defensive End Brian Orakpo In The 1st Round (13th Overall) In The 2009 NFL Draft.
Apr 24 2009Mike Williams - The Redskins Signed Offensive Tackle Mike Williams.
Apr 24 2009Dirk Johnson - The Redskins Released Punter Dirk Johnson.
Apr 23 2009Hunter Smith - The Redskins Signed Punter Hunter Smith.
Apr 10 2009Kedric Golston - RFA Defensive Tackle Kedric Golston Signed Tender, Officially Marking His Return To The Team.
Apr 02 2009Robert Thomas - The Redskins Signed Linebacker Robert Thomas.
Apr 02 2009Ryan Boschetti - The Oakland Raiders Signed Redskins Unrestricted Free Agent Defensive Lineman Ryan Boschetti.
Mar 30 2009Phillip Daniels - The Redskins Re-Signed Defensive End Phillip Daniels To A One-Year Deal Near The Veteran Minimum.
Mar 25 2009Anthony Montgomery - RFA Defensive Tackle Anthony Montgomery Signed His 1-Year Contract Tender, Officially Marking His Return To The Team.
Mar 17 2009Matt Sinclair - The Redskins Released Linebacker Matt Sinclair.
Mar 16 2009Renaldo Wynn - The Redskins Signed Defensive Lineman Renaldo Wynn To A One-Year Deal.
Mar 16 2009Shaun Suisham - RFA Kicker Shaun Suisham Signed His One-Year Tender, Making His Official Return To The Team.
Mar 10 2009Reed Doughty - The Redskins Signed UFA Safety Reed Doughty To A 1-Year Deal.
Mar 10 2009Alfred Fincher - The Redskins Re-Signed UFA Linebacker Alfred Fincher.
Mar 05 2009Dirk Johnson - The Redskins Signed Punter Dirk Johnson.
Mar 04 2009Demetric Evans - The San Francisco 49ers Signed Redskins UFA Defensive End Demetric Evans.
Mar 02 2009Jason Taylor - The Redskins Released Defensive End Jason Taylor.
Feb 27 2009Derrick Dockery - The Redskins Signed Left Guard Derrick Dockery To A 5-Year, $26 Million Contract.
Feb 27 2009Shawn Springs - The Redskins Released Cornerback Shawn Springs.
Feb 27 2009Albert Haynesworth - The Redskins Signed Defensive Tackle Albert Haynesworth To A 7-Year, $100 Million Contract.
Feb 27 2009DeAngelo Hall - The Redskins Re-Signed Cornerback DeAngelo Hall To A 6-Year, $55 Million Contract.
Feb 26 2009Kedric Golston - The Redskins Tendered RFA Defensive Tackle Kedric Golston.
Feb 26 2009Anthony Montgomery - The Redskins Tendered RFA Defensive Tackle Anthony Montgomery At $1.01 Million.
Feb 25 2009Shaun Suisham - The Redskins Tendered RFA Kicker Shaun Suisham At $1.01 Million.
Feb 22 2009Reed Doughty - The Redskins Will Not Tender RFA Safety Reed Doughty, Making Him A UFA When Free Agency Begins On Friday.
Feb 20 2009Phillip Daniels - The Redskins Voided The Final Two Years Of DE Phillip Daniels' Contract, Making Him A UFA Once Free Agency Begins.
Feb 20 2009Marcus Washington - The Redskins Released Linebacker Marcus Washington.
Feb 13 2009Ethan Albright - The Redskins Re-Signed Long Snapper Ethan Albright.
Feb 12 2009Anthony Alridge - The Redskins Claimed Running Back Anthony Alridge Off Of Waivers From The Denver Broncos.
Feb 12 2009Ryan Plackemeier - The Redskins Released Punter Ryan Plackemeier.

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