Washington Redskins Transactions

Thanks to the diligence and hard work of THN Staff, we have been maintaining a database of all of the Washington Redskins transactions since 2003. The transactions are listed in descending chronological order, but you can just enter the last name of the player that you are looking for in the search box, and narrow your list considerably.

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Latest Washington Redskins Transactions (In descending order)
Apr 30 2007Dallas Sartz - The Redskins Drafted USC Linebacker Dallas Sartz In The 5th Round (143rd Overall).
Apr 30 2007LaRon Landry - The Redskins Drafted LSU Safety LaRon Landry With The 6th Overall Pick In The 1st Round.
Apr 05 2007David Macklin - The Redskins Signed Former Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals Cornerback David Macklin.
Apr 02 2007Derrick Frost - The Redskins Re-Signed Restricted Free Agent Punter Derrick Frost.
Mar 26 2007Jason Fabini - The Redskins Signed Offensive Tackle Jason Fabini.
Mar 23 2007David Patten - The Redskins Released Wide Receiver David Patten.
Mar 21 2007Jim Molinaro - The Dallas Cowboys Signed Redskins UFA Offensive Lineman Jim Molinaro.
Mar 20 2007Omar Stoutmire - The Redskins Signed Safety Omar Stoutmire To A One-Year Deal.
Mar 20 2007Adam Archuleta - The Redskins Traded Safety Adam Archuleta To The Chicago Bears For A 2007 6th Round Draft Pick.
Mar 15 2007Todd Wade - The Redskins Re-Signed UFA Offensive Lineman Todd Wade To A Two-Year Deal.
Mar 13 2007Todd Yoder - The Redskins Re-Signed UFA Tight End Todd Yoder.
Mar 12 2007Ryan Boschetti - The Redskins Re-Signed Defensive Lineman Ryan Boschetti.
Mar 09 2007T.J. Duckett - The Detroit Lions Signed Redskins UFA Running Back T.J. Duckett.
Mar 08 2007Ross Tucker - The Redskins Signed Offensive Lineman Ross Tucker.
Mar 07 2007John Hall - The Redskins Released Kicker John Hall.
Mar 06 2007Ade Jimoh - The Redskins Re-Signed UFA Cornerback Ade Jimoh.
Mar 04 2007Kenny Wright - The Cleveland Browns Signed Redskins UFA Cornerback Kenny Wright To A 3-Year Deal.
Mar 03 2007Fred Smoot - The Redskins Signed Cornerback Fred Smoot.
Mar 03 2007London Fletcher - The Redskins Signed Linebacker London Fletcher-Baker.
Mar 03 2007Derrick Dockery - The Buffalo Bills Signed Redskins UFA Offensive Guard Derrick Dockery To A 7-Year, $49 Million Deal.
Mar 02 2007Randy Thomas - The Redskins Signed Offensive Guard Randy Thomas To A Contract Extension.
Mar 02 2007Vernon Fox - The Redskins Re-Signed Safety Vernon Fox.
Mar 02 2007Mike Sellers - The Redskins Signed Fullback Mike Sellers To A 3-Year Contract Extension.
Feb 28 2007Derrick Frost - The Redskins Tendered Restricted Free Agent Punter Derrick Frost.
Feb 28 2007Christian Fauria - The Redskins Released Tight End Christian Fauria.
Feb 28 2007Mike Pucillo - The Redskins Re-Signed Offensive Lineman Mike Pucillo To A One-Year, $595,000 Deal.
Feb 24 2007Casey Bramlet - Quarterback Casey Bramlet Was Assigned To The Hamburg Sea Devils Of NFL Europa.
Feb 24 2007Kili Lefotu - Offensive Guard Kili Lefotu Was Assigned To The Cologne Centurions Of NFL Europa.
Feb 24 2007Bryant Shaw - Defensive Tackle Bryant Shaw Was Assigned To The Berlin Thunder Of NFL Europa.
Feb 24 2007Ryan Hoag - Wide Receiver Ryan Hoag Was Assigned To The Berlin Thunder Of NFL Europa.
Feb 24 2007Cedric Bonner - Wide Receiver Cedric Bonner Was Assigned To The Rhein Fire Of NFL Europa.
Feb 22 2007Matthew Shea - The Redskins Hired Matthew Shea As Defensive Quality Control Coach.
Feb 22 2007Bill Khayat - The Redskins Hired Bill Khayat As Offensive Quality Control Coach.
Feb 22 2007Troy Vincent - The Redskins Released Safety Troy Vincent.
Feb 05 2007Jon Jansen - The Redskins Signed Offensive Lineman Jon Jansen To A New 5-Year Contract (Through 2011) Worth An Estimated $23 Million.
Jan 23 2007Cedric Bonner - The Redskins Allocated Wide Receiver Cedric Bonner To NFL Europa.
Jan 23 2007Casey Bramlet - The Redskins Allocated Quarterback Casey Bramlet To NFL Europa.
Jan 23 2007Bryant Shaw - The Redskins Allocated Defensive Lineman Bryant Shaw To NFL Europa.
Jan 23 2007Ryan Hoag - The Redskins Allocated Wide Receiver Ryan Hoag To NFL Europa.
Jan 23 2007Kili Lefotu - The Redskins Allocated Offensive Lineman Kili Lefotu To NFL Europa.

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