Washington Redskins Transactions

Thanks to the diligence and hard work of THN Staff, we have been maintaining a database of all of the Washington Redskins transactions since 2003. The transactions are listed in descending chronological order, but you can just enter the last name of the player that you are looking for in the search box, and narrow your list considerably.

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Latest Washington Redskins Transactions (In descending order)
Apr 30 2006Roger McIntosh - The Redskins Drafted University of Miami (Florida) Linebacker Roger "Rocky" McIntosh With The 35th Pick In The NFL Draft.
Apr 30 2006 - The Redskins Traded Their 2006 53rd Pick and 189th Picks, and 2007 2nd Rd. Pick To The NY Jets For Their 2006 35th Pick.
Apr 29 2006Aki Jones - The Redskins Released Defensive Lineman Aki Jones.
Apr 29 2006Antonio Brown - The Redskins Released Wide Reciever Antonio Brown.
Apr 21 2006Brandon Lloyd - The Redskins Signed Wide Receiver Brandon Lloyd To A Long-Term Extension.
Apr 18 2006Warrick Holdman - The Redskins Re-Signed Unrestricted Free Agent Linebacker Warrick Holdman.
Apr 17 2006Brandon Lloyd - Restricted Free Agent Wide Receiver Brandon Lloyd Signed His One-Year Tender.
Apr 05 2006Chris Clemons - Restricted Free Agent Linebacker Chris Clemons Signed His One-Year Tender.
Apr 03 2006Demetric Evans - The Redskins Officially Re-Signed Defensive End Demetric Evans.
Apr 03 2006Kenny Wright - The Redskins Signed Cornerback Kenny Wright.
Apr 01 2006Demetric Evans - The Redskins Reached An Agreement WIth Defensive End Demetric Evans.
Mar 31 2006Ade Jimoh - Restricted Free Agent Cornerback Ade Jimoh Signed His Tender.
Mar 27 2006Derrick Dockery - Restricted Free Agent Offensive Lineman Derrick Dockery Signed His Tender.
Mar 23 2006Mike Pucillo - The Redskins Signed Offensive Lineman Mike Pucillo.
Mar 23 2006Tyson Walter - The Redskins Signed Offensive Lineman Tyson Walter.
Mar 17 2006Patrick Ramsey - The Redskins Traded Patrick Ramsey To The New York Jets For A 6th Round Pick In The 2006 NFL Draft.
Mar 15 2006Cedric Killings - The Redskins Re-Signed Unrestricted Free Agent Defensive Tackle Cedric Killings.
Mar 14 2006Todd Collins - The Redskins Signed Quarterback Todd Collins.
Mar 13 2006Andre Carter - The Redskins Signed Former San Francisco 49ers Defensive End/Linebacker Andre Carter.
Mar 13 2006Khary Campbell - The Redskins Re-Signed Unrestricted Free Agent Linebacker Khary Campbell.
Mar 13 2006Adam Archuleta - The Redskins Signed Safety Adam Archuleta.
Mar 12 2006Antwaan Randle-El - The Redskins Agreed To A 7-Year, $31 Million Deal With Wide Receiver Antwaan Randle-El.
Mar 12 2006Christian Fauria - The Redskins Signed Tight End Christian Fauria.
Mar 11 2006Brandon Lloyd - The Redskins Acquired San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver Brandon Lloyd. The Team Gave Up 2006 3rd Rd. and 2007 4th Rd. Picks.
Mar 11 2006Robert Royal - Unrestricted Free Agent Tight End Robert Royal Signed With The Buffalo Bills For 5 Years, $10 Million.
Mar 10 2006Rock Cartwright - The Redskins Signed Running Back Rock Cartwright. Cartwright Was Scheduled To Become An Unrestricted Free Agent.
Mar 10 2006Brandon Noble - The Redskins Released Defensive Tackle Brandon Noble.
Mar 10 2006Matt Bowen - The Redskins Released Safety Matt Bowen.
Mar 10 2006Walt Harris - The Redskins Released Cornerback Walt Harris.
Mar 10 2006Cory Raymer - The Redskins Released Center Cory Raymer.
Mar 10 2006Tom Tupa - The Redskins Released Punter Tom Tupa.
Mar 08 2006Chris Clemons - The Redskins Signed Linebacker Chris Clemons To A Qualifying Offer. The Offer Makes Clemons A Restricted Free Agent.
Mar 06 2006Ade Jimoh - The Redskins Signed Defensive Back Ade Jimoh To A Qualifying Offer, Therefore Making Him A Restricted Free Agent.
Mar 06 2006Derrick Dockery - The Redskins Signed Potential Restricted Free Agent Offensive Guard Derrick Dockery To A Qualifying Offer.
Mar 05 2006LaVar Arrington - The Redskins Waived Linebacker LaVar Arrington. Arrington Payed The Redskins $4 Million To Be Released From His Contract.
Feb 20 2006Tyler Jones - Redskins Kicker Tyler Jones Has Been Assigned To The Hamburg Sea Devils Of NFL Europe.
Feb 08 2006Sean Guthrie - The Redskins Re-Signed Defensive End Sean Guthrie.
Feb 08 2006Ethan Albright - The Redskins Re-Signed Long Snapper Ethan Albright. Albright Was Scheduled To Be A Free Agent This Offseason.
Jan 27 2006Tyler Jones - Kicker Tyler Jones Was Allocated To NFL Europe. His New Team Has Yet To Be Determined.
Jan 27 2006Steven Harris - Wide Receiver Steven Harris Was Allocated To NFL Europe And Will Play For The Rhein Fire.

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