Washington Redskins Transactions

Thanks to the diligence and hard work of THN Staff, we have been maintaining a database of all of the Washington Redskins transactions since 2003. The transactions are listed in descending chronological order, but you can just enter the last name of the player that you are looking for in the search box, and narrow your list considerably.

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Latest Washington Redskins Transactions (In descending order)
Mar 12 2013Sav Rocca - The Redskins Re-Signed UFA Punter Sav Rocca To A Two-Year Deal.
Mar 11 2013Tony Pashos - The Redskins Signed Offensive Tackle Tony Pashos To A One-Year Deal.
Mar 11 2013DeAngelo Hall - The Redskins Released Cornerback DeAngelo Hall.
Mar 11 2013Chris Baker - The Redskins Re-Signed Nose Tackle Chris Baker To A One-Year, $1.3 Million Right-Of-First-Refusal Tender.
Mar 10 2013Nick Sundberg - The Redskins Re-Signed Long Snapper Nick Sundberg To A Four-Year Deal.
Mar 10 2013Kory Lichtensteiger - The Redskins Re-Signed Guard Kory Lichtensteiger To A Five-Year Deal.
Mar 09 2013Rob Jackson - The Redskins Re-Signed Linebacker Rob Jackson To A One-Year Deal.
Mar 09 2013Darrel Young - The Redskins Re-Signed Fullback Darrel Young To A Three-Year Deal.
Mar 09 2013Logan Paulsen - The Redskins Re-signed Tight End Logan Paulsen To A Three-Year Deal.
Feb 14 2013Ron Brace - The Redskins Signed Defensive Lineman Ron Brace.
Feb 06 2013Domonique Johnson - The Redskins Released Cornerback Domonique Johnson.
Jan 08 2013Deangelo Peterson - The Redskins Signed Practice Squad Practice Squad Tight End Deangelo Peterson.
Jan 08 2013Phillip Merling - The Redskins Signed Defensive End Phillip Merling.
Jan 08 2013Korey Lindsey - The Redskins Signed Practice Squad Cornerback Korey Lindsey To A Reserve/Futures Contract.
Jan 08 2013Dominique Hamilton - The Redskins Signed Practice Squad Defensive Lineman Dominique Hamilton To A Reserve/Futures Contract.
Jan 08 2013Chigbo Anunoby - The Redskins Signed Practice Squad Defensive Lineman Chigbo Anunoby To A Reserve/Futures Contract.
Jan 07 2013Eric Kettani - The Redskins Signed Practice Squad Fullback Eric Kettani To A Reserve/Future Contract..
Jan 04 2013Cedric Griffin - The Redskins Activated Cornerback Cedric Griffin Following His Four Game Suspension.
Jan 04 2013Domonique Johnson - The Redskins Placed Cornerback Domonique Johnson On Injured Reserve.
Jan 04 2013Ricky Elmore - The Redskins Signed Linebacker Ricky Elmore.
Jan 03 2013Devin Holland - The Redskins Signed Safety Devin Holland.
Dec 19 2012Pat Boyle - The Redskins Signed Offensive Lineman Pat Boyle To The Practice Squad.
Dec 19 2012Vic So’oto - The Redskins Signed Linebacker Vic So’oto From The Green Bay Packers' Practice Squad..
Dec 18 2012Jordan Black - Offensive Tackle Jordan Black Was Suspended Four Games For A PED Violation.
Dec 05 2012Kourtnei Brown - The Redskins Signed Linebacker Kourtnei Brown To The Practice Squad.
Dec 05 2012Tom Compton - The Redskins Elevated Offensive Lineman Tom Compton From The Practice Squad To The Active Roster.
Dec 05 2012Korey Lindsey - The Redskins Signed Cornerback Korey Lindsey To The Practice Squad.
Dec 04 2012Mario Addison - The Carolina Panthers Signed Linebacker Mario Addison From The Redskins Practice Squad To Their Active Roster.
Nov 30 2012Mario Addison - The Redskins Signed Linebacker Mario Addison To The Practice Squad.
Nov 28 2012Mario Addison - The Redskins Waived Linebacker Mario Addison.
Nov 28 2012Bryan Kehl - The Redskins Claimed Linebacker Bryan Kehl Off Of Waivers.
Nov 27 2012Jammal Brown - The Redskins Placed Offensive Tackle Jammal Brown On The PUP List.
Nov 27 2012Darryl Gamble - The Redskins Released Linebacker Darryl Gamble From The Practice Squad.
Nov 26 2012Roddrick Muckelroy - The Redskins Signed Linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy.
Nov 26 2012Keenan Robinson - The Redskins Placed Linebacker Keenan Robinson On Injured Reserve.
Nov 20 2012Jerome Murphy - The Redskins Signed Defensive Back Jerome Murphy.
Nov 20 2012Brandon Meriweather - The Redskins Placed Safety Brandon Meriweather On Injured Reserve.
Nov 12 2012Buddy Jackson - The Redskins Signed Cornerback Buddy Jackson To The Practice Squad.
Nov 06 2012Nick Sundberg - The Redskins Activated Longsnapper Nick Sundberg From Retroactive Injured Reserve.
Nov 06 2012Domonique Johnson - The Redskins Elevated Cornerback Domonique Johnson From The Practice Squad To The Active Roster.

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