Washington Redskins Transactions

Thanks to the diligence and hard work of THN Staff, we have been maintaining a database of all of the Washington Redskins transactions since 2003. The transactions are listed in descending chronological order, but you can just enter the last name of the player that you are looking for in the search box, and narrow your list considerably.

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Latest Washington Redskins Transactions (In descending order)
Mar 29 2004Bryan Johnson - The Redskins Traded Fullback Bryan Johnson To The Chicago Bears For A 2004 6th Round Draft Pick.
Mar 29 2004Armegis Spearman - The Redskins Released Linebacker Armegis Spearman Today.
Mar 26 2004Bryan Johnson - The Redskins Have Matched The Saints Four-Year Deal That Was Signed By RFA Fullback Bryan Johnson.
Mar 26 2004Joe Salave'a - The Redskins Signed Former Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans Defensive Tackle Joe Salave'a.
Mar 26 2004Kevin Swayne - The Redskins Signed Former New York Jets Wide Receiver Kevin Swayne Today.
Mar 24 2004Daryl Terrell - The Redskins Re-Signed Offensive Lineman Daryl Terrell Today.
Mar 23 2004David Terrell - The Redskins Will Not Re-Sign UFA Safety And Special Teamer David Terrell.
Mar 19 2004Bryan Johnson - The New Orleans Saints Signed Redskins RFA Fullback Bryan Johnson To An Offer Sheet Today.
Mar 19 2004Patrick Johnson - The Cincinnati Bengals Signed UFA Redskins Receiver/Returner Patrick Johnson To A 1-Year Deal.
Mar 18 2004Ralph Brown - The Redskins Officially Signed Cornerback Ralph Brown To A 2-Year, $1.4 Million Deal.
Mar 18 2004Walt Harris - The Redskins Officially Signed Former Indianapolis Colts Cornerback Walt Harris Today.
Mar 18 2004Walt Harris - The Redskins Agreed To A 3-Year Deal With Former Indianapolis Colts Cornerback Walt Harris.
Mar 17 2004Ralph Brown - The Redskins Agreed To A 2-Year Deal With Former New York Giants Cornerback Ralph Brown Today.
Mar 12 2004Todd Franz - The Redskins Retained Exclusive Rights Free Agent Safety Todd Franz Today.
Mar 12 2004Lemar Marshall - The Redskins Retained Exclusive Rights Free Agent Linebacker Lemar Marshall Today.
Mar 11 2004Jerametrius Butler - The St. Louis Rams Matched The Contract Offered By The Redskins To Cornerback Jerametrius Butler.
Mar 11 2004Cory Raymer - Former Redskin And San Diego Chargers Center Cory Raymer Agrees To A 3-Year Deal With The Redskins.
Mar 10 2004Walter Rasby - The Redskins Officially Signed Tight End Walter Rasby Today.
Mar 09 2004Tom Tupa - The Redskins Officially Signed Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Punter Tom Tupa Today.
Mar 08 2004Walter Rasby - The Redskins Signed Tight End Walter Rasby.
Mar 06 2004Walter Rasby - New Orleans Saints And Former Redskin Tight End Walter Rasby Agreed To A Deal With The Redskins.
Mar 06 2004Jerametrius Butler - RFA Rams Cornerback Jerametrius Butler Signed The Offer Sheet Presented By The Redskins Today.
Mar 06 2004Jerametrius Butler - The Redskins Offered A 6-Year, $15 Million Contract To The St. Louis Rams For CB Jerametrius Butler.
Mar 06 2004Tom Tupa - Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Punter Tom Tupa Reportedly Agreed To A Four-Year Deal With The Redskins.
Mar 04 2004Clinton Portis - The Redskins Agreed To An 8-Year, $50.5 Million Deal With Broncos Running Back Clinton Portis.
Mar 04 2004Marcus Washington - The Redskins Signed Former Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Marcus Washington To A 7-Year Deal.
Mar 04 2004Ethan Albright - The Redskins Re-Signed Long Snapper Ethan Albright Today.
Mar 04 2004Kevin Mitchell - The Redskins Re-Signed Linebacker Kevin Mitchell Today.
Mar 03 2004Shawn Springs - The Redskins Agreed To Terms With Former Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Shawn Springs Today.
Mar 03 2004Mark Brunell - The Redskins Officially Trade Their 2004 3rd Round Draft Pick To The Jaguars For QB Mark Brunell.
Mar 03 2004Cornelius Griffin - The Redskins Signed Former New York Giants Defensive Lineman Cornelius Griffin Today.
Mar 03 2004Lennie Friedman - The Redskins Re-Signed UFA Offensive Lineman Lennie Friedman Today.
Mar 02 2004Phillip Daniels - The Redskins Officially Signed Former Chicago Bears Defensive End Phillip Daniels Today.
Mar 01 2004Champ Bailey - Redskins Cornerback Champ Bailey Agreed To A Contract With The Denver Broncos.
Feb 24 2004Bryan Barker - The Redskins Released Punter Bryan Barker Today.
Feb 24 2004Bruce Smith - The Redskins Released Defensive End Bruce Smith Today.
Feb 24 2004Jessie Armstead - The Redskins Released Linebacker Jessie Armstead Today.
Feb 24 2004Lional Dalton - The Redskins Released Defensive Tackle Lional Dalton Today.
Feb 20 2004Mark Brunell - The Redskins Agreed To A 7 Year, $43 Million Deal With Jacksonville Jaguars QB Mark Brunell.
Feb 19 2004Champ Bailey - The Redskins Placed The Franchise Tag On Free Agency Bound Cornerback Champ Bailey on Wednesday.

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